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I have been writing content since I was 12. From songwriting to novels to blogs to newsletters to social media content. Here are the 20 tips on content writing that will help you stand out from the crowd: A [thread]

[1] Design a content routine Content routine is inclusive of all your daily activities – consuming books, newsletters, podcasts, blogs, and more. It helps you activate your brain cells which leads to better ideas and execution.

[2] Habit Calendar I always keep a track of my daily habits by crossing them off the calendar. {Learned it from Jerry Seinfeld). It’s not about better writing but writing better content consistently.

[3] Short sentences I always break down my tweets or posts into simple and short sentences. It’s not only easy to read but also looks attractive to the eyes.

[4] Avoid redundancy Don’t repeat your words. After a point, readers will lose interest. Every sentence should add value. If it doesn’t, remove it.

[5] Use active voice Active voice is more direct and incites immediate actions. Passive voice depicts “could/would” situations. Make your readers feel like they can make a change for themselves.

[6] Research and evaluate Before writing something, research it thoroughly. Come up with strong backings to back up what you are saying. Evaluate the content and then write it.

[7] Draft it right away This is one of my favorite ways to create content. I draft the content immediately no matter how random it is. I don’t delete it. I edit it slowly whenever I need it. This helps me keep my ideas intact and use them when required.

[8] Observations Observe your environment for a week, bookmark content, strategize, and then write. Look for patterns and adjust accordingly. - Find what time suits you the most? - When you are most creative? - How much content you can create? - Which environment works for you?

[9] Create systems and orders Create various system mechanisms to store your content ideas, strategies, and theories. Like: - Notion - Notebook - Emails - Notes Point is to log your ideas, as and when they occur.

[10] Impactful hooks Create hooks that make people stop and read twice. - Be specific - Use easy to understand titles - Avoid jargons - Tell a story - Be clear over clever

[11] Target your audience Create content specific to your audience. Experiment, explore and implement. Avoid writing content for everyone. It is a pure waste of time.

[12] Influence Map It is one of the best marketing frameworks for writing. - Identify a problem - Find the target audience - Research more - Seek solution - Write impactful content. Create content in this particular order.

[13] Proofreading Don’t focus on writing perfect content. Start writing and editing it once it’s done. First focus on mirroring your thoughts on a piece of paper. Proofread it once you write it down.

[14] Read books Writing block is real. I too sometimes struggle to come up with new ideas. When I don’t get ideas, I go back to books. It helps to: - Come up with fresh ideas - Expand your knowledge - Calms you down - Also, it’s fun!!

[15] Don’t mimic your thoughts Speaking and writing are two different reflexes. Writing should be crisp and clear. Don’t over-complicate it. Make it simpler to read.

[16] Authority Whenever you write, write it with authority. Your content should spark your level of confidence. Words that flow with ease and yet feel like fire.

[17] Logical VS Creative You cannot be both logical and creative at the same time. Differentiate your content pieces and work in these two categories. Time block your calendar and work on one category at a time.

[18] Sense of humor No one likes boring content. Add a bit of humor while writing your content. You can also jump on the trends while creating content. It connects with your readers better. For example:

[19] Add Listicles Adding listicles simplifies your content. The chances of people reading your content increases when you add listicles. Tried and tested.

[20] Networking Talk with people in the business Find your end goal and connect with people in the same field. Networking >>>> Courses.

[21] Those are 20 simple tips that can help you get started with content writing. Give them a shot. These tips and systems worked wonders for me, and I am sure they’ll help you too. Got questions?? Shoot ‘em below and I’ll answer.

[22] If you like the thread, RT and share it with others so that they can benefit from it too. Follow me @ShwetaKukreja_ for more threads on content writing, marketing, productivity, and much more.

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