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Are you looking to gain real-world Tech experience while learning or before you land a job? Volunteering is a great way to do and you can include it on your resume. Here’s a list of 13 organizations you can be a part of. For my data folks, there are specific ones for you 👇🏽

1/ Democracy Lab They connect Tech for good projects with skilled volunteers. Each project has specific required roles. Category: UI/UX, Data, Software Engr, Product Mgt etc.

2/ Volunteer Match Explore hundreds of virtual volunteer opportunities in various areas. You can search by role or by location. Category: All Tech Skills across various industries - search available roles.

3/ Bluebonnet data They teach you campaign basics and how data/tech can help campaigns & causes. You’ll help campaigns with their projects. 3-5 hours commitment per week Currently accepting applications until Sept 25th Category: Data and Digital Media

4/ Catch A Fire Volunteer your tech skills to non-profit organizations Category: Business strategy, Software Engr, Design & Media, Data & Analytics, HR etc.

5/ Viz for Social Good A platform for data visualization enthusiasts to use their skills to help increase awareness of social causes in Non-Profit organizations. Current project ends Sept 30th. Category: Data and Analytics

6/ Code for Canada Code for Canada connects the Tech and Design community to government programs through various programs they run. Category: Software Engineering, Design

7/ Canada Learning Code CLC volunteer community has 3,500+ strong across Canada. You can be a live online mentor, corporate volunteer, chapter lead all while using your tech skills. Category: Category: Software Engineering, Design, Web development

8/ Remote Hub Find virtual volunteering opportunities worldwide on Remote Hub Category: All Tech skills

9/ Technology Volunteers A platform that links people who want to use their tech skills for the good of others with organisations that need their help. Category: All Tech skills

10/ DataKind Volunteer your data skills to help mission driven organizations Category: Data Science and Analytics

11/ Data For Good A community of do gooders, who want to use their powers for good to help make our communities better through data. There are chapters all across Canada Category: Data Science and Analytics

12/ Center for New Data They focus on measuring & addressing disparities/inequities in society. They accept volunteer data scientists, data engineers, academic researchers to help tackle pressing social problems Category: Data Science and Engineering

13/ Data Science for Social Good A platform for social good organizations to post data projects they need help with. Volunteers scope those projects into well-defined problems, and help solve them. Category: Data Science & Analytics

N.B: Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these organizations & you’re encouraged to do your own research as you apply to them. If you have worked with any of them, feel free to endorse in the comments.

You can also add names of other organizations for folks to consider. I’ll include more as I find them so it’ll be an ongoing thread. Have a blessed week ✨ 🖤, Jessica

14/ Distribute Aid

15/ CrowdDoing Focuses on addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and beyond through micro-leadership, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and service learning. You can find them on Volunteer Match.

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