✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨

✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



🔶💧🔞 #Zhongchi Childe loves dressing up at home, putting on cute little skirts with nothing underneath, cute thigh-high stockings with little laces and bows, and the teeniest little tops that barely cover his chest. Of course, it drives his roommate Zhongli insane.

There isn’t a day where he does that where Zhongli isn’t practically gripping the seat with a fucking semi threatening to tent his pants. Zhongli really isn’t the type to act on such things, he’s always been calm and collected, someone who thinks before he acts. Today though?

He snaps like a kitkat. Childe is bent over the kitchen counter, his tiny skirt lifting and showing his fat pussy as well as a little toy’s tail sticking out of it. “Zhongli! Come help me grab this!” Childe whines and Zhongli breaks. In an instant, his little cup of tea

is set down before he walks up quickly behind Childe, pressing himself right against the smaller man, one hand settling on his waist while the other reaches up to grab what he’s reaching for. “Is this what you wanted Childe?” Zhongli mumbles, voice deep and raspy and Childe

lets out a soft gasp as he feels Zhongli press further against him, hard on pressing right between his perky asscheeks. “Yes- god yes-“ Childe moans and Zhongli instantly sets down the item before lifting Childe’s leg up. “You know” Zhongli mumbles into his ear, “it almost

feels as if you’re doing this on purpose. If you wanted me so badly, you could have just told me” Zhongli smirks, rubbing his clothed cock right against Childe’s pussy, his juices automatically leaking out onto Zhongli’s pants thanks to the vibrator already shoved inside him.

“Zh-Zhongli- hah- wha- I-?” Childe stumbles on his words, confused and needy and absolutely pleased with the way Zhongli shamelessly grinds himself right against his soaked little cunt like this. “Does it feel so good already Childe? Imagine when it’s ;inside; of you”

Childe moans hotly and spreads his legs more. “Please- Zhongli- hah, nnnngh..” God does Zhongli love those sounds, the sweet noises getting another growl from him. “I’m gonna destroy you” he grumbles in Childe’s ear, a hand wrapping around his waist before trailing down,

three fingers sinking into his tight heat along the low-buzzing vibrator. “In due time, princess..” his voice says that so much softer and Childe melts in his roommates arms as the other fingers open his pink little cunt, palm rubbing against his sensitive clit at the same

time. “Oohh- hah- Zhong-“ Childe whines out, reaching back to grip onto him. “Please please ;please; I want- I need you~” Zhongli hums, finding his begging quite adorable, especially when his walls tighten around his fingers. “Are you so impatient for cock?” “Yes!”

“How cute” Zhongli whispers, curling his fingers into his heat and watching as Childe’s back arches, walls closing around his fingers again. Finally, just as Childe begins feeling the tingling of an incoming orgasm, Zhongli pulls his fingers out and taps them against Childe’s

lips. “Taste” he says softly and the younger obeys, taking them into his mouth and humming as he cleans them all while Zhongli uses his free hand to undo his pants just enough, freeing his cock and watching as Childe looked back to see it before choking on his fingers.

“That won’t- it won’t fit…” he whines. “Oh, it will princess, I’ll ;make; it” Zhongli says before pushing it all in at once, his cunt squelching obscenely around his cock before his face is pressed against the cabinets all while Zhongli begins ruthlessly fucking him, feral.

“Gods yes- Zhongli please- please I- hah!” Childe cries out and Zhongli keeps going, the two of them both letting sounds slip past their lips as they fuck. It’s insane, Zhongli fills Childe up with his cum not once, not twice, not even three or four or five times but a whole

;six; times right over their kitchen counter, Childe’s cum staining his cock and leaking down his own thighs as he pants and whines like a needy bitch. “One more Zhongli~ please sir!” Childe cries and Zhongli purrs. “of course, my insatiable princess~” he responds.

I just think. The two of them would both have amazing stamina LMAO and be so fucking horny to the point they can’t stop fucking like rabbits until they’re on the verge of passing out 🤭💕

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