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19 inconvenient truths I don't want to forget:

No one cares what you do, they care what you can do for them.

No one on Earth thinks about you as much as you think they do.

Successful people are neither smarter nor more creative than you. They are simply executing better.

Success comes from doing somewhat-monotonous things every day for years – but no one wants to hear that.

You know exactly what you should be doing, so stop chasing shiny objects. Instead, figure out why you aren't doing what you know you should be.

You can solve almost every modern-day problem with writing, exercise, clean eating, sunshine, and meditation.

If you spent half as many hours taking action as you did thinking about taking action, you would be in a better spot.

95% of reading, planning, and brainstorming is procrastination disguised as productivity.

If you are reading productivity blogs, you are working on the wrong project.

You can't deposit the number of books you've read or followers you have in a bank account.

You said you would start months ago.

You have three finite resources: time, energy, and attention. Every time you waste them, they're gone forever.

You can complain about the game or you can learn the rules.

The market rewards not the best product, but the product who best positions themselves as the obvious solution.

If you're afraid to publish things online, you have an ego problem.

The people you look up to are not that special and are no more talented than you are.

If you did everything you said you'd do, your results would be 10x better than they are.

Being "busy" is a sign you lack leverage and are delegating poorly.

99% of people would rather be uncomfortable and unhappy than uncertain.

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