Agatha Foo

Agatha Foo



Nsfw Imagine Atsumu discovering he has a breeding kink when they’re fucking and Kiyoomi goes ‘oh shit’ and there’s a sudden warmth inside of him. He’s about to tear Kiyoomi a new one but he slaps his ass and tells him to tighten he’s gonna get a towel and— oh.

Atsumu’s on his knees, eyes wide and panicked. He’s got a fat load inside of him, and Kiyoomi just slaps his ass, making him clenched around it because “It’ll be a mess if it drips” but this is making Atsumu’s cock drips confused pre; it’s a mess anyways.

He’s trembling and desperate. He doesn’t know how to feel about the warmth pooling in his tummy. “I’m back.” “Fuck me now.” “Huh?”

Atsumu snarls, eyes teary in embarrassment, and slumps his upper body down among the sheets. “Fuck me now, or get out.” It’s dripping down his thighs, white standing out against tan, and if Kiyoomi does not move his ass right now, “I’m gonna bite yer dick off.”

Kiyoomi is confused but he pumps his cock accordingly, “How about the mess—” “I’ll make a mess out of you if you don’t fuck yer cock right this second!” Kiyoomi is very confused but his cock’s ready.

This is so funny and horny I can’t with myself 😂

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