lynn || midnight rain 🌟

lynn || midnight rain 🌟



Karma is my boyfriend ¦ sakuatsu ¦ a/b/o "Miya Atsumu?" The omega turned around once he heard his name being called. He lowered his head when he saw the familiar alpha he hadn't met in years. "Ishii Daiki-san. What a surprise to see you here." Daiki grinned, it was sharp

around the ages and proud, just like how Atsumu remembered. He strode towards Atsumu and Atsumu dreaded every impending moment with a tight smile on his face. Daiki stood beside Atsumu, watching the babies slumber in their cradles through the glass. "Is any of these yours?"

"Mm, no," Atsumu responded, eyes locked with a baby wrapped in a pink blanket who had just opened her eyes. Atsumu smiled softly at her. "I'm visiting my boyfriend, and thought I should come here for a while." Daiki made an uninterested sound and Atsumu swallowed the urge to

punch him or run away. Both were very tempting options right now. Their floor was vacant and quiet, with all the newborns breathing silently inside the room. Atsumu forced himself to continue the conversation. "What about you? Why are you here?" Daiki smiled smugly, and Atsumu

already knew the answer. He pointed at a baby boy in the far end of the room, wrapped in a plush blue blanket, sucking on his tiny thumb as he slept. "That's mine. My husband gave birth to him this afternoon." Atsumu nodded. "Congratulations to you and your husband."

"Thanks." Daiki smirked, a knowing glisten in his eye. "You know how much I wanted a family." Ah, here it comes. "I'm aware. Glad to see it's all working out for you," Atsumu said, pointedly avoiding eye contact. He prayed to every God there was to save him from the impending

awkward conversation they were going to have. He decided to take interest in his reflection on the glass. Daiki, as dense and pushy as ever, continued, "you know, he could've been ours, but you were too busy putting yourself before your boyfriend."

"Ex-boyfriend," Atsumu corrected. He sighed, turning to face the shorter alpha. "Look, I'm sorry that I rejected your proposal, but it's been years and you have a kid and husband now! You should stop being bitter about me and focus on your family." Daiki made a face, brows

knitted together. "I'm just making friendly conversation with you and this is how you react? My mother was right about you — an omega who puts his career before marriage and family is a narcissist through and through. I'm glad I didn't marry you," he spat. Atsumu chuckled. Since

the beginning of their relationship, Atsumu had stated clearly that he wasn't looking for marriage in a partner. Daiki respected his wishes for the first year of dating, and after he brought Atsumu to meet his parents, he started dropping hints and eventually tried persuading

Atsumu to marry him. Atsumu said no to all advances. After a few months of dodging his boyfriend's persuasion, Daiki brought Atsumu out to a restaurant to celebrate their anniversary. All color drained from Atsumu's face when the alpha dropped on one knee and asked for Atsumu's

hand in front of a crowd. Despite being scared and humiliated, Atsumu held his ground and rejected him on the spot. Atsumu broke up with him right then and there, finally fed up with an alpha who kept pushing his boundaries and disrespecting Atsumu's decisions.

For the next few months Daiki called Atsumu relentlessly, begging him to come back to him so Daiki could put a ring on Atsumu's finger. Atsumu eventually blocked him and moved away, and he never saw his ex ever again, until today.

"I'm done talking to you." Atsumu moved away from the alpha. "Congratulations once again, I hope you're a good father and mate to your family." "Oi, where do you think you're going? Running away again just like how you ran away from me 5 years ago?" Daiki raised his voice.

"You're just a good for nothing omega! No alpha will want you since you don't want marriage or even kids. Your boyfriend is going to breakup with you soon enough, mark my words!" The hair on Atsumu's neck stood as he took a step back cautiously. They were still alone at the area

and if Daiki did anything to him, Atsumu doubt he would be able to outrun an alpha. Atsumu's hands began shaking and he jumped when a hand touched his shoulder from behind. "What do you think you're doing?" Sakusa Kiyoomi asked fiercely, a protective arm snaking around Atsumu's

waist. Atsumu breathed out a breath of relief at his boyfriend's presence. "It's none of your business, I'm just talking to a friend," Daiki sneered. Kiyoomi glared at the other alpha menacingly. "It is my business when you're verbally harassing /my/ boyfriend in

/my/ hospital. You better apologise to Atsumu now before we settle this in court." Daiki snorted loudly, crossing his arms against his chest. "Your hospital? Who do you think you are: one of the Sakusas? And I'm an attorney at Komori Firm, you dare threaten to bring me to

court? Please don't make me laugh." Atsumu didn't know if he should laugh or cry. Kiyoomi squeezed Atsumu's waist reassuringly, an amused look in his eye. "I am Sakusa Kiyoomi, and I oversee all hospitals in Osaka because I am, indeed, a Sakusa," Kiyoomi said. Daiki's eyes

were comically blown wide, his face paling. "You- what? No, you're lying!" Well, it could be hard to accept that your ex-boyfriend's current boyfriend was part of the Sakusa family who owned Sakusa Corp., which in turn owned almost every building in Japan.

"Atsumu is my boyfriend and omega, and the firm that you work at belongs to my cousin," Kiyoomi added breezily. "Mate? No, Atsumu would never let anyone mate him. He's too big-headed to settle down and get married and start a family! Ha, you're lying!" Daiki pointed a finger

accusingly like he knew them better. Atsumu made a look of dismay. "Mating and having children was never a problem to me. I just don't see why I had to get married to have a mate and children." "There's no need to explain simple things to fools," Kiyoomi interjected. He pulled

Atsumu away, heading towards the elevator. "Come now, our pups are waiting for us at home." Atsumu waved at Daiki before "Goodbye, Ishii-san. Have a good life!" Kiyoomi glared at the man one last time before the elevator closed. "And I will see you in court."

In the end Daiki got his ass sued for harassment and verbal abuse because karma is Atsumu's boyfriend 🫶

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