If you think about it, womens ability to flip a switch and not have a shred of good will towards a man who she just a week ago would profess her undying love for is perfectly reasonable considering that in the before times if you were a woman of child bearing age you had to move

On quickly and efficiently when another tribe conquered yours. Jn this sense women don't really have any affiliations or loyalties, they are utterly incapable of "nationalism"(global citizens) and their entire theory of politics can be summed up with "back the strong horse."

This might get me in trouble but I also believe all women are spiritual jews in the sense that they are subversive by nature. They want to undermine the man they are dating not because they want to see him fail but because they want to see if he is a real person.

Putting all your (no pun intended) eggs into the basket of the same man is an insanely risky proposition, so the woman continuously tests the man to reassure herself and to soothe her anxieties that she has made "the right decision." And at the end of the day this is what

It all boils down to, "did i make the right decision, is this guy the best that I could get?" Hypergamy is a calculation. For a woman who you are hardly matters, *what* you are however does. This is why in many cases shit tests manifest themselves not as challenges

To your "masculine authority(tm)", as if you have any of that in 2021 lol, but as an offer to relax. Put your guard down, open up your heart. "Let out your feelings." "You don't need to go to the gym today, do you anon?" why are you working so much? just be happy?

Basically, she will tell you to stop or change everything that has helped you attract her in the first place. This might seem paradoxical but its really not. She needs to know deep in her bones,that you are the type of guy to go to the gym rain or shine, the type of guy to

Go out and hang with his friends and keep a large healthy network of friends, the type of guy who makes a plan and sticks to it and doesn't change his mind whenever somebody else tell him to, the type of guy to chat up a cute waitress (within reason ofc) and be sociable

With everybody. Basically she needs to know that what made her attracted to you wasn't just a performance put on by a weasel (this is womens existential terror, that she gets stuck with a losers children who managed to trick her into bed) and that you really are *that* guy.

Here the proverb "live by the sword, die by the sword" Is critical. Sword meaning "game", your behaviour, your character. Unironically just 🐝 yourself is great dating advice, ofc the caveat is that "your self" is somebody of value and not just an act.

Tldr: love is real and possible but not the type of love your mother told you about where you just "need to be nice and you will find yourself a good woman". No, you need to perform, and you need to perform well if you want anything good, nobody gives a fuck "who you are."

Never delude yourself like that. Finally I want to finish with a small fun fact. The Koreans have a saying "the higher your SAT score, the better your wife's face will be." This is the attitude you need to take to life. If you want more you need to put in more.

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