I've spent over 12,802 hours studying successful youtubers. Here's everything I learned in under 2 minutes: 👇

✅ 1. Spend 100s of Hours Brainstorming Topics Ryan Trahan is a master of topic selection. Using viral formats like: - "100 Days" - "I Survived 50 Hours" - "World's Smallest" Finding ideas for these formats takes hours of research.

✅ 2. Double Your Views in a Month Here's a secret all big youtubers know: "Double down on successful topics = easy views" Look at: - Airrack - Ryan Trahan - Jesser 40% of their recent videos are 2.0s of their most viewed videos.

✅ 3. Thumbnail & Title is Everything MrBeast is the KING of packaging Spending over $10,000 on thumbnails alone. WHY? Without a good thumbnail & title most videos fail.

✅ 4. Create a Amazing Viewer Experience Great editing = great viewer experience As you can easily overdeliver w/ editing: - Fun Animation - SFX - Storytelling Focus Great viewer experience increase session time Which makes YouTube push your videos more.

✅ 5. Create Breath Taking Stories Airrack is the best storyteller on Youtube. HOW? He turns viral ideas into fun/relatable stories. All of his videos are: - Concise - Easy to Follow - Evolve over Time - have Emotional Connection

✅ 6. Show Emotion in Thumbnails Humans connect with emotion. So you want to use that to your advantage. The best emotions are: - Anger - Sadness - Happiness So use this psychology hack in your next thumbnail.

✅ 7. Retention Hacks vs Storytelling Even MrBeast struggles with this. Just watch his plane crash video Basically retention hacks force viewers to watch till the end While storytelling does that naturally. Focus on creating REAL stories :)

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