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mari is lost in 🇯🇵



SakuAtsu // nsfw , shibari , dom/sub undertones , topping from the bottom The way Atsumu devotes himself to his spikers is unparalleled, unrestricted to the confines of the court, and Kiyoomi deems it unfair if Atsumu doesn’t get his time to be served.

So when he had put a name on the feelings tugging at his core since high school—adoration, rivalry, respect, bewilderment, and /fondness/ above all—

he makes his move and woos the blonde with an ardent confession, vowing to lavish him in the love and attention he deserves. To take care of the hands that revere him on court. To pleasure and sing him praises behind bedroom doors.

Pride fills his chest, knowing he’s the one who coaxes delicious moans from Atsumu’s sweet lips; the one who goes down on his knees to worship and savor Atsumu’s sinful taste in his mouth; the one who gets to have Atsumu all to himself in the privy of their home—their sanctuary;

a small piece of heaven of his own. Still, at times, Kiyoomi lets Atsumu take the reins, flipping them over and stradling his lap, one hand on Kiyoomi’s heaving chest as he pushes him down onto the sheets, eyes hazy in lust. “Stay still, Omi. I’ll do everything tonight.”

/As if/. As if Kiyoomi could do anything but squirm with crimson red knots restraining him, intricately tied around the round of his shoulders and across his chest, his nipples grazing the diamond-shaped pattern at the softest sighs, tipping him a closer and closer to the edge.

It certainly doesn’t help when Atsumu puts his fingers in his mouth and teasingly swirls his tongue around, drenching it with drool then pumping two digits into his puckering hole.

Kiyoomi could only gaze up at him, slack-jawed, his thick cock rubbing between Atsumu’s plump cheeks, weeping for release.

“Haa…look at ya. Yer so beautiful, Omi. All tied up and trembling under me,” Atsumu pants hotly into his ear as he continues to open himself up, hips rolling languidly with every wanton thrust. “So beautiful and mine only.”

Kiyoomi swallows a pathetic whine, almost coming untouched the moment Atsumu’s tight heat swallows the head of his cock, Atsumu’s soft walls clenching devastatingly tight around his girth. He throws his head back against the headboard, hands tied on his back

wounding tight in attempt to ground himself, but not even the bruising friction is much of an ease. “Hngh…Atsu…pl-please,” he implores, unclear of what exactly he needs.

Atsumu smiles down at him, mischief dancing in his hooded gaze. “Ah…oh…yes, darlin’. I love it when when yer beggin’ like this.”

The bed creaks as Atsumu starts bouncing at a relentless pace, impaling himself deeper and deeper then slowing down to relish the burning stretch of Kiyoomi’s cock along his sensitive walls.

Kiyoomi lets Atsumu take and take and take, surrendering wholly to the man he trusts with his heart, basking in this new level of intimacy he has never experienced before. “Atsu…kiss…kiss me,” he blurts out, lost in reverie.

Promptly, Atsumu’s swollen lips are upon his own, Atsumu immediately seizing hold and slurping Kiyoomi’s mouth until Kiyoomi is reduced to low grunts and breathy garbles, both of them teetering on the precipice of sweet, sweet release. “Close…‘m close…Can I…?”

The question is vague, but Atsumu picks up on what he means anyway. “Yeah…yeah…/inside/. Come inside. Need to feel all of ya,” Atsumu trails down wet kisses along his jaw, then his neck, biting harshly on his shoulder as he grinds down on Kiyoomi’s cock with a final thrust.

Kiyoomi comes on command, and he comes /hard/, painting Atsumu’s insides white, his vision turning frayed along the edges.

Atsumu shoots between their bodies with a choked sob not long after, chanting Kiyoomi’s name over and over like a plea, as if he’s not Kiyoomi’s prayer answered.

When Kiyoomi’s eyes clear, he takes in the marvel before him—Atsumu with tears glistening down his cheeks, lips half-bitten, blonde locks a tousled mess. His body spasms uncontrollably as he tugs Kiyoomi’s hair, all ten fingers clawing Kiyoomi’s scalp,

wringing the pleasure from Kiyoomi’s gut and drawing it out. He looks absolutely /debauched/, trembling helplessly in Kiyoomi’s lap. “Atsumu,” Kiyoomi licks into his lips, and it takes a few beats before amber eyes bore onto his own. “I love you.” “I love ya too, Omi.”

“Now can you untie me? I wanna touch you. Let me touch you, baby.” “Mhmm, of course,” Atsumu hums against the dampness of his skin, shifting a little, making Kiyoomi groan at the sudden stimulation.

“But didn’t I already teach ya how good boys are supposed to ask when they want something?” Kiyoomi gulps, a bit coy. “Pl-Please.”

// end 🪢 (I wrote the first half while waiting for the race at 6am, still groggy, and, well, two cups of coffee and a late brunch later, I somehow ended up writing my first b/dsm smut and of course it’s mild and tender 😛)

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