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WordPress 6.1 is FINALLY here. ✨ Here’s everything you need to know about the latest release of WordPress: 🧵

Spacing controls Themes can now add a spatial scale in theme.json, allowing for a consistent application of padding and margin throughout a site.

Fluid typography Auto-scaling font sizes that adapt to the width of your viewport. Instead of formulating calculations for type fluidity, WordPress does it for you.

Border controls Add tailored borders to any side of a block — any color, any size, any style.

Improved Document Settings A cleaner, better-organized Document settings panel — making it easier to schedule and publish.

New typography controls Text blocks now have more typographic controls — across the board.

Enhanced block locking Now you can prevent moving — or removing — of individual blocks, and entire groups of blocks.

More Site Editor templates Create and assign block templates within the WordPress Site Editor for specific pages, posts, and taxonomies.

Time to read A new insight that lets you know the estimated time visitors may take to read your post.

Block themes filter Find WordPress block themes faster from within your WordPress themes view, with the new "Block Themes" filter. Learn more about block themes:

A stylish Twenty Twenty-Three block theme The new Twenty Twenty-Three block theme features 10 bold styles, submitted by members of the WordPress community.

Accessibility improvements Notably, the Twenty Twenty-Two and Twenty Twenty-Three block themes are accessibility-ready. And a lot of effort has poured into improving the A11y of the editor, blocks, admin, and site login. 🙌

There are certainly more fixes, improvements and even other new bits across the board in WordPress 6.1, but these are my standouts. Hundreds of contributors make WordPress possible. Thank YOU for being a part of this.

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