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Juniors have no experience, they require training and it assumed they will need to be paired with a mid level as a supervisor. Juniors usualky do basic tasks (and boring repetitive tasks), and are an investment for the future more than a money maker per se.

A mid level artist has gotten enough experience and skill that they are trusted to be able to produce work without training and with minimal supervision. "Okay, Timmy, you are in charge of making all the furniature for this level"

Mid level artists are expected to know what the fuck they are doing for 90% of the tasks. They usually can figure out the 10% on their own, or work with seniors and technical artists for the gaps. Mid level artists are a reliable do-er. You go off and make stuff.

The transition from junior artist to senior artist really comes from are you a financial burden or a financial boon. When you can mostly work alone, you don't burn other peoples time. When you need constant help, you are burning an artist's time. This is why juniors are...

Actually a future investment, not "rank and file soldiers". This is a mistake companies make all the time- hiring lots of cheap juniors doesn't mean lots gets made. Lots of mess gets made that someone has to fix. A junior isn't a combat ready soldier, they are in boot camp

Senior artists have enough experience that they can predict problems, come up with solutions, advise teams and manage a more overall strategic view of production. By senior, the company sees you are an asset that makes money and saves money for the production.

Seniors may or may not be in charge of other team members. Some are lone wolves and trouble shooters, some are specialists making key art assets such as lead character artists or senior graphics designers. Companies will shed junior and mid level artists before the seniors...

As a general rule, because they have a proven track record of being an asset. You are less replaceable. An art director or creative lead is a role, not so much a level... an art director is usually a senior artist, but may be a mid level artist too. Art directors are...

...responsible for steering all the artists in the same direction, ensuring the style match and the overall product comes together. Twenty artists will make twenty different looking games without an art director involved.

Lead artists head up a department. They are usually the "top" artists but also managers, and are responsible for inspiring and pulling the team together. Think team captains in a sports team, or quarterbacks. Lead artists tend to make the key art assets that the team then...

...base their work on. A "key" asset defines the style, quality, scale, texel density and overall vibe of the game. A "hero" asset is the main iconic assets seen in close ups and marketing material. Think Halo's Warthog, or Kratos' axe, or Minecrafts pick.

Usually the lead or senior artists are responsible for the hero assets, and may delegate them to mid level artists. This is because they are extremely important in the business model and must be entrusted to someone who has a track record making that type of asset well.

This is the stage you are promoted to a senior artist... when the company worries about losing you. So you get paid more and get a fancy title and you stick around. That's basically the system.

Junior artist: I made a chair but now I have to remake it because I was taught bullshit at my 3d course. Mid: I made a chair this morning and it is in the game. *sips coffee* what's next. Senior: I had meetings all morning coordinating how chairs work with design and code team

Artist: I make thing! Technical artist: I make thing that automatically generates 100 things and makes thing melt when you shoot it. Art director: please make the things look like this, but not like this. Lead animator: I am strongly opinionated about weird things.

Producer: when you make thing, update Jira, please I am begging u. Creative director: what if pee and poo collected in shower make ghost destroying weapons? Concept artist: draws 50 pee and poo grenades. Has lots of books.

Animator: party at my house. Bring enough marshmallow spread for wrestling match in inflatable pool. Sound guys: I shall bring the drugs to said party. Assistant Producer: update Jira before the party for the love of godm Junior artists: I bent my wookie.

Just kidding folks. About some of it. *smiles sweetly*

Sound guys know the coolest people.

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