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// miyacest Atsumu who returns home after an away game. He is tired and frustrated because they had lost. As he fucks his anger out and into his brother, he thrusts deeply into Osamu and spats into his ear β€œyer only useful to me when yer my fuck toy.”

Osamu moans, he knows he does not mean it. After Atsumu reaches climax, he always wants to fuck again. This time though, Atsumu apologizes: saying sorry over and over again, that Osamu means the world to him, and that he will never leave him.

This is untrue. Osamu knows Atsumu will leave for another away game. He will return angry and frustrated, only returning to take it out on him. But after, after those moments, Osamu gets his real brother back, the one that apologizes and showers him with love.

It is always worth it in the end.

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