Data Engineering is one of the biggest growth areas in tech, but most people don't know where to start. Here's 12 free resources to help you move forward on that learning path... Enjoy... đŸĨ‚

Vocabulary used in Data Engineering, there's lots... (@SeattleDataGuy)

SQL is unavoidable, learn it fast and learn it well (@FreeCodeCamp)

Object Oriented Programming in Python will be very useful (@Python_Engineer)

As will connecting to databases in Python (@techTFQ)

Data Pipelines with Python, moving data from Postgres into SQL Server (BI Insights Inc)

Connecting to an API (VideoLab)

Intro to Docker (@DataTalksClub)

Apache Airflow (@DataTalksClub)

Linux command basics (Herbertech)

CI / CD with YAML scripting & GitHub Actions (@Python_Engineer)

Packaging Python code & automated testing with pytest, mypy & tox (mCoding)

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