nsfw , drunk sex Just Atsumu getting very drunk and coming back to his dorm, Osamu is just so mad at him but Atsumu totally jumps him the second he sees him because his drunk ass it's just like "you look so much like him! I want to fuck you so bad"

And Osamu is confused and honestly kind of offended because who the fuck is he talking about as he ruts onto his leg. Osamu lets him because honestly he thinks this is the best shot he has to indulge to his sick fantasy of fucking his brother.

It kinda hurts how Atsumu keeps muttering "just like him, you look like him, I love ya" as he kisses him, as their tongues battle against ones another and as Atsumu pulls their cocks out to jerk them together.

Osamu thinks he'll question later, at least he wants to know who his twin was thinking off while totally giving him the best sloppy handjob of his life. That's until Atsumu's touch isn't enough and Osamu kicks his hand away to replace it with his own.

They both moan at it, it feels better, with Osamu's calculated touch, it's firmer and more controlled and his hand almost closes around both of them and Atsumu drops his head into his shoulder as he moans out, "yeah, just like that big bro"

Osamu almost snorts, he didn't think Atsumu was into that kind of low quality porn, especially when he has him right there if he would really wanted to fuck his brother. That thought is what makes him squeezes tighter around them, he wants to make him cum just so he can really

know what it's like to be fucked by his brother, but just as Atsumu spills over his hand he wails, "Samu! Fuck, more, please, please, Samu" And it's enough for him to tip over the edge, cumming at the sound of his brother shouting his name.

Atsumu goes pliant against him after, totally boneless and almost knocking him over to the ground. Osamu has to wipe his dirty hand on Atsumu's clothes to get him on the bed, huffing when their bodies collided against each other onto the mattress.

Atsumu still goes "samu, samu" as he nuzzles into his side, and Osamu is sure they have a lot to unpack when Atsumu is sober. Still, when Atsumu crunches down and licks against the sensitive of his cock, Osamu decides to pamper his twin. //end

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