#miyacestober2022 Onigiri Miya Cold nipped at Atsumu’s cheeks as he walked the snow filled streets, the crunch under his boots the only thing he hears in the silent night. It’s not so bad tonight, the temperature bearable with his C@nada G00se jacket, but he still shivers.

He has half of a mind to go straight to the apartment where he can throw himself under the kotatsu to warm up, but it’s been almost two months since he’s seen his brother, and he really wants to surprise him. (He is absolutely the sappier twin, and he will lean into it.)

After about ten minutes of walking that really felt like a half hour in the cold, he finally sees the warming lights of Onigiri Miya. His anxiety calms as he lets out a sigh of relief at the sight of it. He’s home.

When he approaches the storefront, he peers inside to see a packed store: customers at almost every table, the waiters running around to fulfill every request and serve the food, and behind the counter is Osamu and two other chefs busting out all the orders as fast as possible.

From out here, he sees Osamu working diligently, shouting out things that his staff reply back with one word answers. Despite the hectic situation, Osamu is calm. He’s a good leader, a great one, and the rest of his kitchen follows him without a worry at all.

Atsumu’s seen Osamu like this plenty of times from this spot he’s standing in. Perhaps it’s the cold, or maybe he’s been without Osamu for so long, hasn’t heard his voice or felt his arms around him, but the sight of Osamu like this, standing on his own, makes him want to cry.

He holds onto his wrist tightly, nails digging into his skin as an attempt to distract this body from his feelings. It’s not that he’s not happy for Osamu for having a successful business and making a name in the service industry. He’s over the moon for him, honestly.

But a part of him that he buried a long time ago resurfaces upon seeing Osamu again. The part where he feels left behind, unneeded. That Osamu could survive without him.

It’s a nasty thought, had him angry for days when he was younger until he finally figured out how he really felt about his brother that had him crying in his bed in secret until Osamu caught him. He feels like a teenager all over again, wishing Osamu would notice him.

Atsumu’s a good brother, though. He loves Osamu more than himself, so he ends up turning around and walking away. Sniffling he shrugs his duffle more onto his shoulder and begins to walk. He only gets so far until the sliding doors of the restaurant open and a bell sounds.

“‘Sumu, that you?” Atsumu freezes. He doesn’t want to face his brother like this, like he’s only a half of a whole while his brother is more whole than anyone he knows. Quickly brushing his tears away, he turns around and plasters on a smile. “Ah, ya caught me, ‘Samu.”

“What are ya doin’ here?” Osamu asks as he walks over to him. “Ah, well, y’know, I wanted to surprise ya, but ya looked really busy, and I didn’t want to bother ya. I could’ve offered to help, but ya looked like you didn’t need me—”

Suddenly, Osamu grabs a hold of his wrist a pulls him in, and Atsumu is met with the smell of sweat, body wash, and something distinctly Osamu. Osamu’s arms squeeze around his waist. “Don’t say that,” Osamu murmurs.

“Eh, say what?” His arms tighten further. “Don’t say that I don’t need you. I’ll always need you, ‘Sumu.” The tears Atsumu’s been holding back finally escape. “Haha, yer funny ‘Sumu. You don’t need me. You never did.” Osamu pulls back and looks at him very seriously.

With a sigh, he reaches up and brushes Atsumu’s tears away. “Stop bein’ mean to yourself. I saw you standin’ outside, y’know? But I knew you were stuck in yer head again ‘cause ya looked real sad.” He cups Atsumu’s face and makes him look at him.

“Just ‘cause I’m busy with my restaurant and I’m able to handle my shit better than ya doesn’t mean I’ll never need ya. Yer my brother, my other half, my everything. Okay?” Atsumu falls quiet, his lips trembling. “Okay, ‘Sumu?”

Sniffling, Atsumu nods. “Okay.” Osamu looks at him with so much love and adoration that Atsumu ends up burying his face in his neck. He wraps his arms around his brother and holds just as tightly as he held him. “I missed ya, ‘Samu,” Atsumu cries, voice weak.

“Missed ya, too, ‘Sumu.” A kiss is pressed to Atsumu’s temple. “More than you’ll ever know.” And so they stand there, holding each other despite the snow lightly falling and the rush of the dinner. Because nothing else matters to them at that moment than each other. fin

Ah, I’m a little late, this is my first time posting for this pairing! I love Miyacest, and I’ve always wanted to write for them, but I never got the balls to do it LOL so I’ll just start off with twt threads for now. Happy Miyacestober, everyone!

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