atsuosa Atsumu goes be like "Let me kiss you, I'll let you sleep on top tonight." Osamu was disgusted, but the offer sounds too cheap to possess the top bunk bed. So he agrees.

The blonde guy moves forward to blow a kiss on his brother's plump lips, nibble, and give some suckles. Osamu groans a little out of breath, but he doesn't resist. Not until he gasps for more air.

Atsumu grins, circling arms on Osamu's waist before lying on his brother's bed. Force his twin to sleep on his body. Osamu yells his guff. Atsumu shrugs and says, "What? At least yer sleep on top, ok?" 'cause he didn't really say on top of /bunk bed/.

The throught of Atsumu will lure Osamu with some shitty tricks like 'you wanna sleep on top tonight?' lol

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