#sakuatsu Idol Sakusa x Fanboy Atsumu There was comfort in anonymity. Leaving another comment on well-renowned idol, Sakusa Kiyoomi's latest song, Atsumu basked in the alluring, husky baritone through his earphones.

How many times had this song been played on loop? Atsumu couldn't tell.  An avid fan of Sakusa's from the very beginning, the first time Atsumu heard his debut single over the radio, it was almost like he'd found something he finally understood.

The lyrics had struck a chord in Atsumu, touched him from deep within, and grounded him. Falling down the rabbit hole, he'd turned into a total fanboy, much to Osamu's chagrin.  "Yer so whipped for an idol. 's not like yer ever gonna meet him." "Shut up, Samu!"

Atsumu was, daresay, more than acquainted with the music his idol had written, over the past two years. Most of the songs Sakusa had written were heavily rock influenced. His latest song, though, was different.

A soft ballad that almost sounded like murmurs of praise, worship and love, it was a serenade that healed the broken, comforted the spirit and mended the heart.  It sang of a love so pure, nothing could put a stop to it. Honestly? This had to be Atsumu's favorite song.

Sighing dreamily, body swaying to the beat, it was astounding how Sakusa's music made him feel so much. The emotions surging through his body was amplified by the rawness of strong vocals that also sounded fragile at times.

Relishing in the solace Sakusa's new song brought, the peace was broken, when Osamu barged into his room without so much of a knock. "Hey, Scrub." "Samu, yer rude ass! Haven't yer heard of knocking first? Thought yer were out on a date with Suna?"

Osamu huffed, shoving something into his hands. "Tch, like I haven't seen you butt naked." Atsumu growled, glancing down at what his twin had so rudely shoved into his hands. Oh. Eyes widening, he couldn't quite believe what was in his hands.

"Got yer something. As a, yer know, gift for setting me up with Suna. We're boyfriends now, may have kissed and-" Atsumu didn't hear what his twin was saying. He couldn't register anything. Not even the heavy blush on Osamu's face.

"Samu! Yer little shit! How'd yer get a ticket to Sakusa's concert? I-" Atsumu stuttered, staring at the ticket in his quivering hands, in utter disbelief. A grin grew on his brother's face.  "Connections, Tsumu, 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴."

"... God, I love ya, Samu." "Gross," Osamu grimaced, throwing a glance at how Atsumu clutched onto the concert ticket like a lifeline, lower lip trembling, eyes watering, "But I guess I love yer too."  Atsumu chuckled. It was a watery laugh.

He was finally going to his idol's concert which had sold out in a minute. He was finally going to meet the singer songwriter who'd turned his life upside down with his music and got him through the darkest days. He was finally going to see Sakusa Kiyoomi in person.

/tbc It's 4.16am oh boy

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