5 Easy Hacks to Improve Memory & Focus -Thread-

There is one thing that most people miss out on and end up wasting their energy on. And that is managing their mental space and how towards what they direct their thoughts.

While it feels like we have no control over thoughts that fuse through, there are definitely ways that help optimize it. Let's break down a few of those.

1- Avoid distractions during Theta frequencies Theta waves are a frequency at which our brains get creative and learn actively. Right before falling asleep and right after waking up. Those are the only times your brain reaches Theta frequencies.

Free your room from electronics. Put your phone on another room at night. Use that time to meditate and structure your thoughts. Read more about this here:

2- Ostrich method "What distracts me doesn't serve my purpose" Head down on what matters. Always question: What's it in for me? Does it get me closer to my goals? If it's not a no-brainer YES, forget about it. Completely ignore.

3-Delegate your memory This frees up a huge chunk of mental space. Use your phone calendars and reminders. There is no benefit to remembering every little detail.

We're blessed to live in an era where technology can literally be an extension of our minds. Use it don't let it use you.

4- Use an app blocker and ad blockers We all get carried out using the internet. The downside is that it clutters our minds and wastes our time. Help yourself by diminishing distractions and unnecessary information. Focus on what matters.

5- Don't talk about what doesn't deserve your energy Considering negative thoughts and focusing on them is a huge waste of mental space. This is especially true when it comes to how you think of others.

Thinking negatively of other people only poisons your own mind. You should simply ignore anything that does not fit your standards. The more negative thoughts you dedicate to it, the more you pollute your mind and lose mental space, thus wasting away your intelligence.

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