Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia

Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia



It took less than five minutes to break finally Jxxng; Hwx was getting married. It was obvious that it would happen someday when Hwx had a beautiful relationship with his gf, but the confirmation still hurt. He knew that the statement on Hwx's love life would be released

soon to their f4ns, and once that happened it would be difficult to change it. But it wasn't as if Hwx actually would ever think about that, he loved her to the moon and back and always talked about his future plans with her and their future kids. It always involved Jxxng,

but always as the side character. Never once he was on Hwx's mind about being the person to share his life with, Jxxng was only his best friend and it would stay like that forever. Few years back Jxxng thought that they maybe had a future, and even more at seeing the stuff f4ns

posted. He thought that maybe Hwx felt something back and that they would be together and start a little family, but those were just foolish thoughts. Surely Hwx loved him, but never the same love Jxxng felt. Hwx cared for Jxxng as much as he would do for a younger brother.

Hwx's eyes held love for everyone, and Jxxng was special to him, just not as a lover. And Jxxng learnt that the hard way. Now he is sitting on his studio, crying and thinking about what gift he can possibly give the engaged couple as a way of saying goodbye to his feelings.

He hids his face trying to control his breathing, knowing that he won't ever come out of the lie he created, and that he will have to watch the love of his life create whatever he dreamt for them, with another person...

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