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A thread on Bucha incident. Particularly events on Yablunska Street presented by Ukrainian as a deliberate massacre of civilians. Please 🔁RETWEET.

Article has appeared in NYT. Using Maxar satellite images the precise date on which killing took place were found. March 11 for the incident with highest number of victims and March 20 for the second incident on the same street.

During this time the area (according to public sources) was firmly under Russian control. This is also supported by the fact that some civilian victims were wearing white sleeve bands, which they wear in Russian controlled areas.

Here are satellite images from Maxar, showing that mortar impacts and other damage from shelling came at the same time.

Burned minivan, tree knocked of by explosion.

Mortar impact, not visible on a previous day.

Another Picture where impacts from shelling can be clearly seen.

Many ask why was not it reported before. This Ukrainian blogger mentions that there were no internet or mobile connections when he stayed in Bucha. And he had to get news about the situation from Russians.

The NYT article itself avoids the hard topic of absence of visible gunfire wounds preferring to state that causes of death are unknown, but vaguely admits the possibility of them being killed by shelling.

Here is the Geo-location. Orange square is where the described incident took place. (Yablunska Street) It is is very close to Irpin and few kilometers away from Kiev itself. Purple line is approximative front line around this time (send me a better control map on 11.03.22)

Remember how on 22 of March Russian missile destroyed Retroville commercial center from which Ukraine was firing MRLS? This was just one of many Ukrainian firing positions on Western Kiev front. From which Ukraine was shelling territories under Russian control.

Correction the Retroville was hit on 21 of March. (I am not claiming that this particular location was shelled from Retroville, it is just a well publicized MRLS position in Western Kiev) See geo-location image and Image of MRLS launchers stationed.

I want to use this opportunity to expose a famous @bellingcat "expert" @EliotHiggins who recently claimed that there is nothing to investigate about Bucha implying proven Russian fault. This shows his level of competency & impartiality. He is a tool.

Two of the bodies were not distinguishable on Maxar images published by NYT (does not mean not present). One body with tied hands, the death seems to be more recent. I prefer not to speculate about the cause of death and whether hands were tied before or after the death.

18+ Here are some images of the bodies from the scene. You can judge the level of decomposition (Amb temp is around - 2 C°) and notice that no heavy bleeding and no gun wounds are visible, which is consistent with a version of shelling.

Here is the video of the second incident on the same street covered by NYT article. This incident supposedly took place between 20 and 21 of March. Signs of shelling are clearly visible. Same street, also under Russian control at this period.

For some reason NYT does not show the part of a satellite image with a fallen lamppost. The body was later moved and you can see a white sleeve band on this later picture.

On 4th of April one of the Kiev Oblast pro-Ukrainian telegram channels have proudly posted a video claimed to be showing Ukrainian artillery attacks on Russian forces in Bucha.

Now on people with tied hands. 1. Several videos of prisoner executions and tortures by Ukrainian forces exist. So far none by Russian forces. This does not acquit Russian forces, but weakens the argument against them. 2. "cui bono" (who benefits)

The town was declared liberated by Mayor on 31st of March. But on 1st of April officials announced that a special purging operation is underway in Bucha against Russian military and saboteurs "disguised as civilians". I can only guess what these could mean or justify.

One of the Ukrainian fighters "Botsman" (Sergey Korotkih) posted this video from Bucha. The discussion in background: - There are guys without blue ribbons (ukrainian marking) can I shoot them? - #### (inaudible either "sure yeah" or "try")

And here is the possible answer on "cui bono" (who benefits) question.

By allowing Ukraine to always shift the blame on Russia and even rewarding this behavior with financial and military support, Western governments become accomplices of those crimes. Video from today that media will not talk about (vehicle surrendered, some hands tied)

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