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Hedge Funds spend millions of dollars per year to access high quality financial datasets. Retail sources cost anywhere from $5k-50k per year. But, here are 11 data sources that have HIGH QUALITY and FREE data you can access right away. ๐Ÿงต ๐Ÿ‘‡

1/ Alpha Vantage | Provides real time & historical equities, forex, and cryptocurrencies data across 60+ exchanges. They provide both intraday and D/W/M timeframe data. You can also access economic & fundamental data for last 20 years through them.

2/ IEX | Investors Exchange provides historical data going back upto 15 years for US equities through API access. You'll need an API key in order to access the API.

3/ EconDB | This website provides economic data and economic indicators for almost all the countries in the world. You can search for your preferred dataset through their search engine here (

4/ Quandl | Quandl has financial and alternate data across 50+ exchanges, from over 300 sources. They also have information on capital markets, energy, shipping, healthcare, education, demography, economics and society.

6/ Kenneth French's data library | Fama/French have a lot of research driven market based portfolios and related databases/datasets. You can explore them and access them in the link given above.

7/ World Bank | World Bank has an Open Data initiative as part of which you get access to global development data for different countries in the world. You can search by continent, region, type of economic data, etc.

8/ OECD | This website has statistical data on OECD member countries and some non-member countries also. From economic projections to science & technology development, there's a lot of statistical data in this website.

9/ Eurostat | This website contains economic and general financial data for all of Euro area.

10/ Stooq ( This website has the data of all major indices across the world, in markets across different countries.

11/ Yahoo Finance ( Probably one o the most extensive and highly used for market data across the world. YFinance provides the following equity related data: - Daily Stock prices - Historical Corporate Actions - Historical Dividends

The best part about all these data sources? They all have APIs. And, they are all accessible through one Python module: PANDAS Check out Pandas DATAREADER module here:

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