My #TheoryOfEverything: Alchemy describes the elements of metaphysics. Chemistry describes the elements of physics. The Philosopher's Stone is a rational formula for the philosophical archetypes of existence.(1/6) PDF English:German:

Philosophy, Archetypes, Geometry, Evolution, Religion Examples of use: #PhilosophersStone 1. Structures & Orders | Elements, Temperature, States of matter 2. Mathematics of the Philosopher's Stone 3. Emotional evaluations | Handling of information 4. Evolutionary inheritance(2/6)

5. Time | Predictability of static, organic & chaotic realities | Elementary forces of physics 6. Categorizing & Differentiating | Laminar/turbulent flow (static/chaotic structure) 7. Active/passive behaviour | Psychological states of mind 8. Morality & legal understanding (3/6)

9. Economics | Gun laws 10. Esoteric & exoteric science | Political worldviews, the Conflict of Visions & the archetypal faces of mind. 11. The Philosopher's Stone as the metaphysical Theory of Everything #ToE 12. Four planes from a mental base to a manifested order. (4/6)

13. Duality happens as above so below. Between state & people, left & right wing, and even the minds of the individuals. 14. Cube of Mind, Spectrum 15. Unconscious & subconscious orders & ideologies 16. Archetypal Spectrum of Mind | Dualitiy of the left & right hand path (5/6)

17. Eternal Cycle of subconscious life, Fermi paradox #TheGreatFilter, left/right hand path and its evolutionary consequences. 18. Left/right hand path, the eternal cycle and connection to religious beliefs. (6/6) #Alchemy #PhilosophersStone #Metaphysics #TheoryOfAll

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