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These #crypto research tools are so good you shouldn't be able to afford them in a bear market But they are free 👀 👇 1/13

@DaoSurv - Vesting Unlocks Knowing token unlock data is like having a superpower. You know exactly when tokens will be released to early investors who often dump. 2/13

@DefiLlama - Data If you're a data nerd like me DefiLama has a ridiculous amount of data like TVL for defi projects. While TVL isn't everything, it's a good start for assessing a projects health. 3/13

@MessariCrypto - Research Experts that do a lot of the research legwork for you. What's not to love? 4/13

@LunarCrush - Social Metrics A good community can turn an average project into a face-melting powerhouse. Seeing how well a project does on social media gives you insight into its community. 5/13

@CoinMarketCal - News Knowing upcoming news for a token is vital but hard to keep track of. Luckily CoinMarketCal does it all for you. Things like exchange listings, mainnets and airdrops are all in there. 6/13

@ICODrops - ICOs Great way to find new and upcoming projects or if you want to simply find some token launches you can do a quick flip on, although that is hard af in a bear market. ICO drops are awesome nonetheless. 7/13

@santimentfeed - Data A go-to for me I use this weekly, an endless trove of data that you can use in your research. 8/13

@Artemis__xyz - Commits & Active Wallets/Transactions Commits give you insight into how active developers are for a project. It's imperfect but it's useful. This tools main strength is showing you active wallets n transactions which shows you how active a chain is 👀 9/13

@tokenterminal - Data The sheer amount of data you get from this site is mind-boggling. I love it. It's great for comparing one chain to another and for getting information hard to find elsewhere. 10/13

@nansen_ai - Portfolio Breakdowns + Data Put in a wallet address and get a full breakdown of transaction history and current holdings split by chain. Also has loads of data. 11/13

@DuneAnalytics - User-Created Dashboards Last but certainly not least Dune Analytics with its awesome user-created dashboards. 12/13

These are just some of the tools I use in my research. If you found this useful drop it a like and retweet 😘 13/13

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