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Adventia | Commission closed 鉁嶏笍



AU where ZZS is a famed courtesan & a favorite "toy" of his master, while WKX is one of his most loyal patrons & the only one who saw him as a human being cw: nsfw, prostitution, brothel, also some 馃敧 so if you wanna get hurt, please come here 馃槉 (ZZS Photo Edit cr. 閱掕姱姘旀场)

Lanterns were lit once the sun went down, in the bustling streets and smaller alleys, soft lights began to spread throughout the town of Dongting.

If the day was filled with men slaving away to feed their family, the night was when the tired residents sought pleasure to rest their exhausted mind and body.

Food vendors were lining up on the left and right; in the market, colorful stalls offered various games and challenges, promising a handful of little gifts for the winners.

Townspeople and hungry travelers alike flooded all bars and restaurants, where good meals and good wine would be served to fill their stomach, thus lightening their hearts.

But of course, food and drinks and some trivial games were not the only kind of 鈥渆ntertainment鈥 people were seeking.

A certain establishment stood brighter compared to the rest in its vicinity The sound of music & merry dances could be heard from inside, people talking & laughing boisterously until those walking outside couldnt help but turn their heads in curiosity when they passed by the area

At a glance, it did not look much different from the many places of art and aesthetic in the city, but to the ones familiar with this particular establishment, they knew what kind of pleasure was really offered here.

In exchange for some gold and silver, one could live in a beautiful dream for a night.

On the second floor of the building, inside one of the best rooms reserved only for its wealthiest patrons, a man sat languidly on the spacious bed.

He looked to be no older than thirty years of age, an extremely handsome and good-looking man with sharp features. Amidst the lights of the candles, his dark eyes seemed to be a pool of indiscernible shadows, mysterious and disconcerting.

He was a person of unreadable intention, on one hand looking to have no particular desire to waste his energy on mundane things, yet on the other hand he also looked like someone who would easily snap another鈥檚 neck on a whim.

A young master from a renowned family and a capricious lunatic, it was between these two impressions that his visage was hanging. As for who he truly was, very few knew of it鈥攁nd most never lived long enough to tell the tale.

The sweet scent wafting from the incense burner filled the room. As the man was relaxing by himself, drinking wine and admiring the flowers and paintings on the wall, there was a soft knock on the door.

His calm eyes briefly sparkled at the sound, as if a sudden excitement had filled his heart. Smiling, he answered to the visitor waiting outside. 鈥淐ome in,鈥 he said; his voice was deep and pleasant to the ears.

Upon his permission, the door slid open and from the darkness of the night, a beautiful figure gracefully entered the room.

Vivid red robes adorned with intricate embroideries of plum blossoms, the pale gold threads giving an illusion that the flowers glimmered against the vibrant color of the fabric.

The long hem grazed against the floor as that person walked in slow, elegant steps. Locks of raven black hair were held up with a hairpin made of white jade, the rest fell freely on that distinct back carrying an undeniable poise.

Most who undertook this profession typically refined themselves in powders and rouge. This one, however, was covered in the bare minimum of cosmetics yet his naturally pale complexion exuded a delicate charm that needed no alteration to captivate others.

Indeed, it was a male courtesan. But what a beautiful male courtesan, he was, more stunning than any of the royal consorts in the palace.

He possessed a tall and slender build, but his countenance was not too effeminate. Instead, he was actually a very handsome man, with a presence that would give peace and comfort to those who laid their eyes on him. 鈥淶hou Zishu is here to serve my lord.鈥

When he said this, his voice was low and soft. The male courtesan bowed to the man sitting on the bed, keeping his head lowered until the other allowed him otherwise.

The man rose to his feet, approaching him with a smile. 鈥淎-Shu. How many times must I tell you? Just call me by my name. You are not my servant.鈥

鈥淏e that as it may, Zishu is here to serve my lord,鈥 the courtesan, Zhou Zishu, remained bowing down, 鈥淚t will be presumptuous of this lowly one to exploit my lord鈥檚 kindness as an excuse for improper behavior.鈥

鈥 Aish , still with the formalities. We鈥檝e known each other long enough to be one another鈥檚 confidantes and yet still you鈥檙e speaking to me as if your standing is far lower than mine,鈥 said the man with a sigh.

Nevertheless, his eyes were gentle as he touched Zhou Zishu鈥檚 chin with the tips of his fingers. 鈥淐ome, A-Shu. Won鈥檛 you lift your face and look at me?鈥 Zhou Zishu finally did as he was told, straightening his back and returning the man鈥檚 stare.

When he looked up, his eyes that were like a pair of undiffused black appeared bright and captivating, drawing others to continue gazing into his charming visage. The man peered into his face. 鈥淲en. Wen Kexing. Try saying that?鈥 he asked, to which Zhou Zishu smiled subtly.

鈥淲ould 鈥楳aster Wen鈥 be acceptable?鈥 replied him. 鈥淎lright, alright. I鈥檒l settle with that for now. What a stubborn fellow you are,鈥 the man pretended to pout. But his act did not last long, because towards this person, he felt nothing but an immense amount of affection.

Wen Kexing stroked the side of that lovely face, smiling at him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 been a while. A-Shu, I鈥檝e missed you.鈥 And so he pulled the beauty into his embrace, dearly enfolding him.

It might have been due to all the training and experiences a courtesan had gone through, or it might have been a natural response. He could feel Zhou Zishu鈥檚 body sinking comfortably in his arms; his slim waist fit perfectly in his hands.

Though this was not the first time Wen Kexing embraced him like this, every time he did so he couldn鈥檛 help but want to treasure him.

Most people would frown upon the sight of a man seeking pleasure from another man鈥檚 body, but in reality, this particular establishment in Dongting had made a big name for itself, for it was never lacking in patrons from all walks of life coming for their 鈥渟ervice鈥 every night.

Among all of their popular male courtesans, this one named Zhou Zishu ranked the first. So famous he was that for many years, only the wealthiest patrons had the opportunity to request for him.

It was said that Zhou Zishu was actually the personal favorite of his proprietor, the man who owned this establishment and the most influential figure in Dongting鈥檚 nightlife, someone known only with the surname 鈥淛in鈥.

Whether it was the truth or a mere rumor, only the individuals related to this matter could testify.

鈥...You鈥檝e become thinner.鈥 With much worry, Wen Kexing frowned while looking at him, holding his shoulders hidden beneath those layers of vibrant red robes. 鈥淎-Shu, have you been eating well since we last met?鈥

鈥淭hank you for Master Wen鈥檚 concern. Zishu has been doing well,鈥 replied the courtesan. 鈥淎nd your robes鈥 Is it just me or you鈥檙e wearing them higher than usual, especially on the collar?鈥 asked his patron again, 鈥淎-Shu, is there something you don鈥檛 want me to see?鈥

This time, instead of giving him an answer, Zhou Zishu only lowered his head, still keeping a subtle smile on his face which now seemed to have a different meaning. Discomfort filled Wen Kexing鈥檚 heart at once.

As the courtesan did nothing to refuse him, he carefully pulled at the lapel of his robes. Under the fabric, just a little above his collarbones, there was a bruise in the shape of a human鈥檚 palm.

Wen Kexing did not comment on it yet. After closing back the collars, he took the hands Zhou Zishu had been hiding under the sleeves of his robes.

When they were finally revealed, on those pale wrists were also fresh bruises鈥攖hese ones were shaped like ropes or other similar binding material.

鈥...The...master preferred to be a little bit rough yesterday,鈥 in a small voice, the courtesan murmured, 鈥淶ishu apologizes for this unsightly look tonight. If Master Wen is disturbed by it, Zishu will make sure they will remain hidden--鈥

His words were cut off in the middle. Wen Kexing had kissed him out of the blue. It was nothing but a short, little peck, but enough to stop him from talking, now staring in bewilderment at his strange patron instead.

"All beauties exist in this world to be appreciated, not tortured.鈥 Wen Kexing sighed in regret, rubbing the blackened part of his wrists with his thumbs.

鈥淵ou are his most prized treasure, yet he couldnt even take good care of you. What a tasteless man. If it were me, I would鈥檝e bathed you in flowers and wrapped you in silk everyday," he sighed in regret, "Ah鈥 If only I could take you away from here and keep you all to myself...鈥

Regardless if his intention was pure or if he was merely spouting flowery nonsense, his remark was simply too exaggerated that it would be difficult to believe him. Somehow, Zhou Zishu found this amusing.

He chuckled softly under his breath; when he laughed, the lines of his brows relaxed and on his complexion there was finally some luster. Seeing his reaction, Wen Kexing couldn鈥檛 help but laugh, as well. 鈥淐ome and sit with me, A-Shu,鈥 he returned to the bed, 鈥淗ere.鈥

The courtesan obediently followed. Once Zhou Zishu stood by the bedside, Wen Kexing gently pulled him so he would be sitting on his lap. He then reached out to his belongings that he placed on a nearby table, grabbing a small white bottle. 鈥淎-Shu, show me your hands,鈥 he said.

鈥淢aster Wen?鈥 鈥淚t鈥檚 ointment,鈥 Wen Kexing smiled, 鈥淭hough it wouldn鈥檛 help much at this point, it can at least make the bruises disappear faster.鈥

With that said, he dipped his finger into the small bottle and started rubbing the near translucent substance on the black and blue marks on Zhou Zishu鈥檚 wrists, afterwards on his neck.

It was faint and far too weak to overpower the scent of incense already filling the room, but there was a flowery fragrance wafting in the air when the cold mixture was evened out on one鈥檚 skin. Wen Kexing noticed that Zhou Zishu was staring at his working hands in silence.

鈥淲hat is it, A-Shu?鈥 he asked. 鈥...It does not smell bitter,鈥 the courtesan commented, seemingly astonished, 鈥淚 almost forgot that it is supposed to be a medicine.鈥

鈥淪mells good, doesn鈥檛 it? I specifically asked for one without a strong scent and the pharmacist recommended this one to me.鈥 Wen Kexing smiled at him. 鈥淭his way, if your master or anyone ever asked, just tell them one of your patrons gifted you with perfume or something.鈥

鈥淢aster Wen prepared this for Zishu?鈥 鈥淎-Shu, how long have we known each other? Do you think I don鈥檛 know this particular habit of your master and some of your other patrons?鈥

Putting away the small bottle of ointment, Wen Kexing fondly brushed a stray lock of hair from the other鈥檚 face. 鈥淚 am also worried that I may accidentally hurt you one day. It would be best to be prepared for anything, just in case.鈥

鈥...You鈥檙e the only one who never hurt me...鈥 鈥淗mm? Did you say something?鈥 鈥...No, it is nothing important,鈥 Zhou Zishu shook his head, the thin corners of his lips were pulled into a smile, 鈥淢aster Wen has always been considerate of Zishu. This lowly one is truly grateful.鈥

鈥 Aish , again with that. It is called basic decency,鈥 Wen Kexing playfully scolded him, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e always given me the greatest pleasure. It is only natural that I take good care of you. Otherwise, it wouldn鈥檛 be fair, would it?鈥

He wasn鈥檛 sure if he had worded it wrongly. Upon hearing his response, for a brief moment Zhou Zishu seemed to be a bit stunned. But even that immediately disappeared like an illusion, for the courtesan lowered his head and answered him with a smile again.

鈥淭hen, Zishu will do his best to please Master Wen for as long as this body is still capable of doing so...and for as long as Master Wen is still willing to call for Zishu.鈥

鈥淎-Shu,鈥 a frown marred Wen Kexing鈥檚 handsome face as he pulled the courtesan closer to him, 鈥淲hat are you saying?鈥 鈥淗as Zishu misunderstood something?鈥

鈥淵ou definitely have. A-Shu, you are not my or anyone鈥檚 plaything. Why treat yourself as one?鈥 he asked, 鈥淒on鈥檛 say that about yourself ever again, do you understand?鈥 鈥......Zishu understands.鈥

His smile carried with it a heartrending silence, even if the man himself did not say another word. Wen Kexing couldn鈥檛 bear seeing him like this. Taking a deep breath, he held that slender figure in his arms once more, as though shielding him from the entire world.

鈥淟et鈥檚 stop talking about these unpleasant things,鈥 he whispered, 鈥淭he night is still young. Since we are here, what do you say we do things that make us happy until the sun rises?鈥 Zhou Zishu chuckled under his breath. 鈥淲hat kind of things would make Master Wen happy?鈥

鈥淔or now, perhaps a kiss from my beloved A-Shu?鈥 His tongue might be dripping with honey whenever he spoke, but there was something Wen Kexing never told the other; for him, Zhou Zishu鈥檚 smile was brighter than the sun itself.

Even a mere curl on the corners of his lips could shy away the clearest moon. Right now, the beautiful courtesan was smiling at him. Wen Kexing stroked the gaunt lines of his cheeks lovingly, gesturing for him to come closer.

As the other bent down to approach him, he closed the distance between them, kissing him gently. Zhou Zishu placed a hand on his shoulder. Everytime their lips touched, warmth spread throughout their bodies like the slow burning of flames.

// nsfw Wen Kexing nibbled on those thin yet supple lips, sometimes giving them a little lick before he devoured them again Soon, while one of his hands remained circled around that slim waist, the other began to wander, reaching into the rich red robes on the courtesan鈥檚 figure

// nsfw Zhou Zishu鈥檚 pale thighs soon came into view when the lower part of his robes were split apart. At first, Wen Kexing was only caressing the smooth surface of those legs, until he decided to reach even further. 鈥淢nn-?!鈥

// nsfw Although these courtesans generally understood not to fight back no matter how much they were being groped and molested once together with their patrons, it was hard to completely resist the instinctive reaction of one鈥檚 body.

// nsfw As the most renowned courtesan in this establishment鈥攁nd likely in the entire city of Dongting, as well鈥擹hou Zishu was well-versed in exercising restraint on himself, but still he jolted slightly when a part of him was touched in such a way.

// nsfw A weak moan spilled from his lips; even if he managed to keep their long kiss unbroken, his brows were pulled into a frown as he started clutching onto Wen Kexing鈥檚 robes.

A 鈥渂eautiful dream for a night鈥, this was what this place offered in exchange for money. As such, one should expect that the courtesans attending to them were highly trained to provide this so-called dream to the patrons, to make them believe--

--that everything they saw, heard, and felt was real. Without a doubt, Zhou Zishu was also trained the same way, to ascertain his benefactors with an illusion that they were spending a night of delight.

However, Wen Kexing was not one to fall to such pretense. He wasn鈥檛 someone who would easily succumb into his own delusions, and he could tell whether the reactions he received were genuine or not.

// nsfw At this moment, he knew that Zhou Zishu was not putting on an act, so he did not let go of him. Tongue entwined with the other鈥檚, his hand continued to stroke him until finally, the courtesan couldn鈥檛 take it any longer.

// nsfw 鈥淢aster Wen, this-鈥 鈥淪sh" Wen Kexing shushed him, kissing his cheek, 鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, I want to do this for you鈥 He might be used to using his body to pleasure others, but when he was the one receiving it, Zhou Zishu didnt seem to know how he was supposed to cope with it

// nsfw He was told to accept it, so he did. But it was not long until his legs started squirming and his hips moving in restlessness. On Wen Kexing鈥檚 shoulder, his hand had been gripping so hard onto the other man鈥檚 robes that his knuckles turned white.

// nsfw In a shaking voice, he called out to the man who was embracing him. 鈥鈥 Wen, I鈥鈥︹ 鈥淒on鈥檛 hold back,鈥 Wen Kexing licked his earlobe, 鈥淚f you feel it is too much, it鈥檚 alright to let it out.鈥

// nsfw Zhou Zishu looked like he wanted to say something but was no longer able to form any coherent words. Immediately, he buried his face on Wen Kexing鈥檚 shoulder. As his breath twitched, his hips buckled and white drops stained the front of Wen Kexing鈥檚 robes at once.

The latter noticed that the body in his arms trembled greatly, hence he did nothing but continue to hold him until the shivers died down. 鈥...Your...clothes鈥 I鈥 I鈥檓 terribly sorry鈥︹ Zhou Zishu murmured between his gasps.

鈥淚t鈥檚 fine. I can just have this washed later,鈥 said his patron, calm and soothing, 鈥淏ut I suppose I shouldn鈥檛 keep wearing it for now. A-Shu, could you help me undress?鈥 The courtesan looked up at him, nodding slightly. 鈥淵es鈥︹ he replied.

Though his hands seemed to be somewhat shaking still, Zhou Zishu was quick with his work. First the sash, then the outer robe, one by one until the innermost layer was finally removed.

In the candle lights, a great figure of a man was exposed; his toned abdomen was firm and distinct. There was a brief moment when Zhou Zishu鈥檚 movements were paused. Seeing him, Wen Kexing let out a soft laugh.

鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong, A-Shu?鈥 he asked in amusement, 鈥渋t鈥檚 not the first time you see myself in this state, is it? Why the sudden hesitancy?鈥 鈥...My apologies. Zishu does not mean to be rude,鈥 the courtesan lowered his head, 鈥淲ould Master Wen like to...have Zishu begin now?鈥

鈥淎s much as I鈥檇 love to tease you some more, I do feel a little bit impatient. You must forgive me for my lack of self-restraint,鈥 Wen Kexing sighed. He lied on his back, giving the other a subtle smile. 鈥淚鈥檒l be in your care.鈥 鈥...Zishu understands.鈥

Quietly, Zhou Zishu rose from his lap, leaning forward to snuggle against him. Wen Kexing could feel short little kisses being placed along the side of his neck, down to his collarbones and soon to his chest.

Initially, he had planned on staying still and watched what his dearest beauty would do. But even if his face was composed, Wen Kexing couldn鈥檛 hold back the urge to touch him again.

// nsfw He reached towards a certain place between the other鈥檚 legs that were straddling him, pressing his fingers into the opening. They sank right in.

// nsfw 鈥...You鈥檙e always well prepared,鈥 he said, rubbing against the sensitive inner walls. When he did this, Wen Kexing could see Zhou Zishu biting down on his own lips, struggling to keep his voice down. 鈥淶ishu...does not want to...keep Master Wen waiting...for too long鈥︹

鈥淎h, but I wouldn鈥檛 mind if it means I can spend a longer time with you,鈥 Wen Kexing kissed the tip of his nose, 鈥淣ext time, how about you let me prepare you?鈥 鈥淚f...it鈥檚 what Master Wen wis--鈥

// nsfw Zhou Zishu鈥檚 words were halted, his body tense as his patron added another finger. When he looked up towards Wen Kexing, both of his eyes were filled with desperation. 鈥淗e is ready鈥 鈥擶en Kexing thought, so he removed his fingers carefully, smiling at him.

鈥淲ould A-Shu prefer to do it like this?鈥 he asked, to which the courtesan responded with a small nod. 鈥淧lease allow Zishu to return the favor to Master Wen.鈥 鈥淎lright. Don鈥檛 push yourself too hard.鈥

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