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YouTube is free education. But 99% don’t know the best spots on its virtual campus. Here are the top channels to accelerate your learning:

Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. Learn from Professor of Neurobiology at Stanford, @hubermanlab. Lessons • Brain health • How to focus and stay motivated • Get better at sleeping, learning, and dreaming

MIT Open CourseWare Lessons • Free and open publication of MIT courses • Covers the entire MIT curriculum from undergraduate to graduate • Courses include a syllabus, instructional materials, and assignments • This is self-paced learning at its best

Naval Lessons • Listen to episodes from Naval Podcast • Get a brilliant breakdown of @Naval’s viral tweet “How to Get Rich...” (video link below)

freeCodeCamp Learn to code for free. Lessons • Web development and programming tutorials • Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and more

Khan Academy Lessons • Learn math + science. • Material covers skills taught in K-12 (Saved me countless times preparing for tests).

Kurzgesagt—In a Nutshell Lessons • Science and the world we live in • Simplifying complex topics through storytelling and animation

Ali Abdaal @AliAbdaal Lessons • Master personal productivity • Evidence-based tools to live smarter • Advice on becoming a creator

CrashCourse Lessons • 42+ courses on useful topics • Learn about psychology, world history, and more

Veritasium Lessons • Videos about science and education • Spark your curiosity

Charisma On Command Lessons • Deconstructs the behavior of the most charismatic people in the world • Maximize your social and emotional intelligence

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