desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



@miyacestober #miyacest #osaatsu day 21: royalty (omegaverse) osamu is the king and atsumu his prince. that's how it's always been. but the nobles want to make atsumu a queen and not osamu's queen.

they have been together since children. alpha osamu and omega atsumu. they played together in the mud as children, before they were bought into the palace to finish their studies. it was set in stone, the oldest alpha son of the king will be king, no matter if the child is

legitimate or no. osamu didn't want to wait for his hot-blooded father to give up the ghost so he killed the man himself, atsumu appearing with a crown in the throne room and placing it on his bloody head. the nobles were tentative, but orders are about to be followed,

and the king clearly stated that osamu must be king. so the ceremonies took place. "your majesty, about atsumu-san..." "you will refer to him as your grace!", osamu adominished. "yes, your majesty, of course. about his grace, who would you like to be his suitor?", the brave

regal continued, eager to get atsumu off their hands. he was certain the king would agree. having an unwed omega usually spelt trouble and even if osamu used questionable methods to get the crown, his ideology was befitting of a traditionalist. osamu roared, the picture of an

alpha in anger, "your grace will be wed to me, patel!" "b-but your majesty", the beta stammered. "he is your own brother! it's against the law!" "i am about to change that law.", osamu retorted smugly. the nobles could only look on in dismay. there goes their chance for

their omega kins to become queen.

on the day of the royal, anticipated, notorious wedding, atsumu was absolutely glowing. the maid, hinata, bathed the boy in milk and rose-petals, scrubbing every inch of his skin to clear off unwanted debris. he was swathed in oils and scenegs, face made white with powder.

hinata chirped, "you look ravishing like always, your grace!" "please shoyo, call me atsumu.", he smiled diffidently as hinata applied kajol to his eyes. red paint obtained from the most illustrious rose gardens was smeared on his lips. "atsumu-san, you are truly looking

beautiful." "thanks shoyo.", hinata beamed. bells rang. "ah, it's time, atsumu-san!" "it is, isn't it, shoyo?" with a huff, atsumu stood up, his white kimono shining in the morning sun, gold embroidery gleaming at the hems. today was the day he would be crowned queen,

and also the day he would be united with his brother, his most beloved, in body and soul.

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