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idol childe and his entourage of bodyguards (zhongli, capitano, al-haitham) who fiercely stop any crazy fans from approaching him. they also glare at the many male idols who try to get childe’s number backstage three handsome, stoic, buff men protecting one (1) pretty redhead

at the end of the week when his schedule’s cleared, childe always goes home in the same car as his bodyguards he’d whine about the week as he slipped into a loose tshirt. if one looked closely, they’d see how amber, black, and emerald eyes never once left exposed, milky skin

as his 24/7 bodyguards, they naturally live in the same house as childe. it raises no suspicions from the paparazzi or fans when the three men are seen bringing childe inside even on the weekend, when childe is never seen leaving the house for some reason, it raises no suspicion

of course, no one would imagine that childe’s famously competent bodyguards were actually were the same ones fucking their idol stupid each and every weekend beneath those stoic expressions laid an latent and deep-seated desire for the person they were supposed to protect

their illicit affairs began after childe selected them as his guards. back then, no one had noticed the devilish glint in those hollow blue eyes they had incredible restraint, but even the strongest of soldiers can only ignore teasing smiles and ‘accidental’ nipslips for so long

surprisingly, it’s al-haitham who makes the first move. being the most rational, he first cornered childe and questioned his blatant seduction. “what do you hope to achieve?” he asked warily. smiling, the idol whispered softly into his ear. “would you like to find out?”

when zhongli arrives home from re-negotiating his contract with the company, it is to the sight of his old friend bending the object of his recent desires over the dining table. “what are you doing.” he seethed, hand gripping the doorknob hard enough to twist the metal.

al-haitham barely seems to hear him, mesmerized by the way childe tightens around him at the sudden audience. zhongli steps forward, furious and ready to fight his own friend for breaching their contract and fraternizing with childe— when a breathy whine draws his attention.

“zhongli…” childe smiled dreamily, hands reaching out to grab the edge of his suit jacket. “come here… I want to taste you.” dear archons. “mr. childe.” he grits out, ignoring the way his cock pulsed at the sight of wet blue eyes and a pink tongue. “this is not appropriate.”

childe rolled his eyes, both from exasperation and pleasure from al-haitham spilling hot cum into his hole. “neither is- 𝘩𝘢𝘢𝘩, touching yourself to my moans…” childe sneers, smug despite his fucked out expression. “our rooms are right next to each other, you know…”

so it was on purpose. all those nights zhongli spent in guilt, unable to help himself from palming himself as he listened to childe masturbating in the next room. all his confusion when he heard the redhead cry out his name as he climaxed— zhongli’s face became calm. “I see.”

when capitano comes back from security-proofing the next concert, he immediately notices how things have… changed. there was a lingering scent of sex in the air, not to mention childe sleeping all the way through noon. he covers the hickies well. the limp? not so much.

childe almost thinks capitano hadn’t noticed, or simply didn’t care, until one day when the man drove him back from filming. since it was a short drive, they were alone together. just before he opens the door, he suddenly becomes caged within large, muscular arms.

heart racing, blue eyes stared up into abyssal black. “capitano?” he plays innocent, making his voice demure. “what’s wrong?” the man merely rolls his eyes, hand sipping under the idol’s shirt. “you will not trick me like you did those fools.” “oh?” childe grinned.

his voice turns breathless as rough hands roamed over his chest. “I-it seems to be working, though? I thought you didn’t, ah, care…” capitano hums, voice rumbling deeply as he leaned in to connect their lips. “foolish boy. i merely despise sharing what’s mine.”

when zhongli and al-haitham see childe’s beaming grin and shaky legs when he enters the studio, they realize they had each fallen hook, line, and sinker. still, getting to fuck their pretty little boss made it well worth it. it was almost too easy to fall into their new routine.

every week, childe would start monday by giving each a blowjob. whether it was at home, in the car, or in the company bathroom, he loved teasing them with the promise of more. for tuesday through thursday, there was a strict “no sex” rule. an idol couldn’t be limping, after all.

friday evenings were the most intense. he’d leave the studio flanked by the three men, spending all night being fucked until he couldn’t think. all the teasing he’d done throughout the week would be repaid tenfold as his lovers took him, one by one or sometimes all at once.

yet, without fail, they made sure to take care of him when saturday morning came. gently washing his body and rubbing ointment into the hand-shaped bruises on his body. childe would laugh, heart fond as he realized how lucky he was to have them in his life.

he’d show his gratitude, cooking their favorite meals and freely spending money to get them gifts tailored to their interests. before he knew it, he’d truly grown to love them. as he laid in bed, encompassed by warm and comforting arms, he recalled that fateful interaction.

“this is the last batch.” signora handed him a stack of papers. “pick one and don’t scare them away like the others.” childe groaned. “i told you, i don’t need protection. the last guy couldn’t even look me in the eye!” “because you kept ordering him around for no reason!”

“if he can’t handle me, how is he supposed to protect me?” childe rolled his eyes, but started sifting through the papers. signora scoffed, waiting for him to make another snarky comment. yet… the idol remained oddly silent. his eyes gleamed as he handed her a sheet. “him.”

the manager blinked, surprised by his sudden cooperation. “zhongli from lapis securities. a good choice-” childe handed her another one. “him too.” she blinked, baffled. “capitano from fatui international?” “and this one.” “akademiya corp’s al-haitham? you want a scholar?”

childe nodded, looking more excited than she’d ever seen him. “I want all three.” “what?!” signora shrieked, feeling a headache throbbing at her temples. “we don’t have the budget to hire three personal bodyguards. just pick one!” childe smiled. “all. three.” “……” ———

this was supposed to be one (1) tweet and boom here we are 🤦🏻‍♀️ childe being the best and worst boss ever because he pays u well and gives you vacation days but also you have to deal with a perpetual boner around him his fans when he never gets a dating scandal: hold awn 🤨

also since I didn’t think it’d be a full thread I forgot to tag woops 😭 #zhongchi #haitaru #capitaru but yes childe harem brain go brrr 🤤 i wanted ayato too but maybe he can be a fellow idol who fucks childe in the inkigayo bathroom or something

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