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ʜᴏᴛ ᴄʜᴇᴇᴛᴏ sʟᴜᴛ ⁶⁹⁶⁹



osaatsu , masturbation , voyeurism , exhibitionism Thinking about the eroticism of watching yourself get fucked via your twin, yes I’m on my Miyacest bullshit. It’s all a testament to their curiosity, they tell themselves.

he brothers always have to outdo each other, push each other’s boundaries, they just didn’t know how far they were willing to go at the start. It was an accident, really, when Atsumu came home one day and opened the door to his brother jacking himself off.

It felt like the world had been put on pause, like all the room from the air had been sucked away and all he could see was Osamu pumping his cock, all he could breathe was the scent of sex and sweat and lube.

He knew he shouldn’t watch with his mouth hanging open but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the crease in Osamu’s forehead, the sweat trickling down the side of his temple, his eyes squeezed shut. Is this what Atsumu looked like in the throes of pleasure?

Osamu moaned, something guttural and muffled around the end of the shirt he’s stuffed in his mouth, keeping him naked from his chest down to his thighs.

Atsumu couldn’t help but think Osamu’s nipples were just a tint darker than his own, slightly rounder, he wondered what the difference in feel and taste would be like.

His pants felt tight when he saw Osamu’s thick cock, long fingers wrapped with a tight grip slicking the lube back and forth and pumping his hips in time with his hand. Was Atsumu’s stroke the same?

He knew Osamu was uncut and pink like him but as twins, were they the same length and girth? He thought about whipping his dick out and comparing. Atsumu’s mouth dried and he went right back out the door he came in through.

It was a few hours later he came back home after he had calmed down and his twin greeted him like nothing happened—because to Osamu, nothing did.

But in the following weeks the image of Osamu spread out on their couch stayed in Atsumu’s mind, nagging at him. He couldn’t shake off how hot it made him. Was it disturbing or was it normal to think about how good you look while you’re being fucked?

He had to know. Atsumu used a mirror, first. He laid himself out on his bed, spread his legs with his pants around his ankles and tucked the ends of his shirt into his mouth, just like how he saw Osamu do it.

It was astounding how exposed he felt like this, staring at his own reflection with his cock and balls and hole on full display. He couldn’t deny the heat pooling in his gut at the thought of someone seeing him like this, if Osamu had walked right in on him like he had done, then

He started with his nipples, tweaking and teasing and thought about how he and Osamu were identical, were different, he wondered if Osamu was just as sensitive here as he was.

He reached for his lube and fisted his hardened cock with one hand, used his other to massage and play with his balls and threw his head back at the spine tingling feeling. His toes curled.

Atsumu could feel the desire burning him up as he stroked himself closer and closer to the edge, he even spread himself wider and watched himself circle his own hole but that feeling he had when he watched Osamu was far away from him.

But when he closed his eyes, the reflection he imagined wasn’t his own, it was Osamu’s. All brown hair and grey eyes, thicker tits and looser stomach, his hot mouth stuffed with his own shirt and head thrown back.

Atsumu’s orgasm rocked through him so unexpectedly hot and quick, coating him from his stomach to his chin with the sound of Osamu’s moans ringing in his ears.

He decided right then and there while laying in his own sweat and cum that he was a pervert. And he would be damned if he was the only one who felt that way.

The game of curiosity and the cat began for Atsumu who knew Osamu’s schedule like the back of his hand, when he worked and went to the gym and went for his morning runs, his coming and going like clockwork that helped his plan unfold.

The first time Osamu catches him with his dick out in the open, Atsumu’s breath catches in his throat. He watches Osamu’s eyes widen and his cheeks redden.

They stare at each other and Atsumu waits with a hand on his cock, wants some sort of signal from his brother, wants to watch his jeans tighten like his did that day.

He’s hit with such a strong desire to keep stroking his cock from balls to slit while his brother watches but /first/ he wants Osamu to unravel. He wants Osamu to get on his knees. Instead, Osamu scoffed and turned away with a scolding “Do that shit in your room, nasty scrub!

If it were anyone but Atsumu, they might have left well enough alone. If it were anyone but Atsumu, they would have taken that to heart and accepted the rejection.

But it /was/ Atsumu and he knew all his brother’s little tells. Like when Osamu lies, the tops of his ears will redden. And the moment he walked away, Atsumu saw the tips of red ears.

He licked his lips. Yeah. Game on.

Atsumu gets caught twice more before he’s aware Osamu has caught on. And then the fun really begins for him. Osamu upped the ante the day Atsumu walked into their shared apartment and listened to the sounds of his brother fucking some other man.

Osamu’s door was left open, not wide enough that Atsumu could be seen watching in the hallway, no, just a crack. Almost as if Osamu and his fuck buddy were so lost to their lust they couldn’t be bothered to close it all the way.

But Atsumu knew better. /Let’s play, then/ he could hear his brother say.

Atsumu followed suit, bringing home the biggest men he could find to bed him and making sure he screamed louder each time they fucked him into his mattress. He got off on the idea of his brother walking in on this, too, more than those men could actually please him.

And when he sent them off, his brother would walk into their apartment and avoid his eyes all the same. Atsumu was never one to be outdone and he could tell that he was winning each time Osamu came in sweaty and red-faced from a “coincidental” run.

It came to a head one night when both brothers brought their dates home at the same time, all 4 with the same intention. Atsumu had stared at Osamu in challenge. He watched and waited for the next move.

“Try to keep it down, would ya?” He said, shoulder checking Atsumu before bringing his date to his room. Atsumu was so loud that night, they received noise complaints. But he knew his response to Osamu was clear. ‘Listen. Because I know you’re just as fucked up as I am.'

And when Atsumu’s date had left him with a kiss at the door and joked, “you should ask your brother and his friend to join us next time,” he knew exactly how to push his brother over the edge.

The following week, he taunts his twin. Atsumu brags about how good he got fucked and stuffed. “Funny I didn’t hear your date, Tadashi was his name? Should big brother teach you how to up your stroke game?” Atsumu had laughed so ugly that day.

“Maybe next time I bring someone over, you can watch and learn.” Osamu didn’t react, at first and Atsumu was already going over all the different ways he could convince his brother to fuck someone in front of him, no one could imagine his surprise at Osamu’s response.

“Maybe you should.” Osamu said over his shoulder as he left Atsumu behind, slack-jawed in the kitchen. And that’s how he found himself on all fours in his brother’s bedroom while a man fucked him from behind watching his brother rutting into the next twink of the week.

Atsumu was trying to focus on the guy plowing into him, trying to convince himself his cock was leaking and on the precipice of bursting because the man was the best fuck of his life--but truth be told, it was because he was watching Osamu.

Atsumu was absolutely wrong, he could admit that in the heat of the moment, lost to his own lust. Osamu looked like he was great at fucking.

Osamu’s body was stretched far, hips rocking hard and fast into the man below him. Atsumu could tell Osamu was pulling out all the way to the tip of his dick before slamming back inside, he held the man’s arms behind his back and used that to his leverage, bouncing him.

Atsumu’s mouth watered watching Osamu’s sweat gather around his body, from the side of his neck and down to his chest between the cleavage of his fat tits and further down he watched Osamu’s belly ripple in time with each of his thrusts.

He was swarmed by thoughts of licking up Osamu’s fatty thighs, felt himself going hazy in the head when he imagined burying his nose in his brother’s pubes and licking up his happy trail.

It was only when Osamu looked down at Atsumu that he was able to finally reach his orgasm and he saw clarity. He knew he wasn’t the only one who felt it. Call it brotherly love, call it twin telepathy but he fucking /knew/. Watching isn’t what they wanted.

They wanted to be each other’s cause and effect. Game Over.

All bets are off and the twins don’t even hesitate to make their desires known. Atsumu nearly jumps Osamu after their dates leave, dragging his twin back to his bed and damn he loves the taste of sex and sweat on Osamu’s lips and skin.

Osamu wraps his arms around his waist, drops Atsumu to his bed before diving back in and kissing him until he can’t breathe. They’re both hard and leaking again and Atsumu’s sore but he could go 10 more fucking rounds with how desperate he feels for his brother.

He spent so much time listening to other men get pleasured by Osamu, he wants his own turn now. He doesn’t just want to watch his brother come undone, he wants to be the one that does it.

He was a fool to think his fascination with watching Osamu masturbate was simple narcissism, no, it was more, it was the awakening of his hunger for his twin.

Osamu gives him room to breathe, presses wet open mouthed kisses down his neck and Atsumu hopes they leave marks all over him.

But he’s never been one to back down and admit defeat and submission so easily and he takes this opportunity to finally, /finally/, touch his brother’s cock the way he wanted to all along. Osamu grunts against his skin, sucks hard and bites on his collarbone.

Atsumu sighs in pleasure. “‘Samu..” he moans out his brother’s name and Osamu kisses him again.

“‘Tsumu.. Fuck, you sound good sayin’ my name like that.” Osamu kisses the corner of Atsumu’s mouth. Atsumu keens when Osamu pulls him closer and pushes their cocks together, he wraps a hand around both of them and uses Atsumu’s hand on his cock to stroke them together.

“Oh fuck…” Atsumu feels like he can’t breathe and his head falls back, lost to the sensation of his own hand and his brother’s wrapped around their cocks and pumping them both. Osamu laughs and it sounds heavenly.

“Is this what you wanted all along, ‘Tsumu? All that flauntin’ your ass in front of me and screamin’ at night just to get my hands around you like this?” Osamu’s fingers spread over Atsumu’s balls and he bites his lip.

“Nuh-uh, you screamed for all those other men, you better scream for me. Keep strokin’ yourself.” Osamu slides his hand further down, gliding his palm over Atsumu’s balls and stretching his fingers further and pressing at Atsumu’s perineum. Atsumu screams that time.

He’s sweating and shaking in his brother’s arms, coming apart just like his brother wants. All sense of win or lose is thrown out the window +

when his head fills with pleasure and he’s struck with the vision of Osamu’s bangs plastered to his forehead and a knowing smirk across his face. “‘Samu…” He tries to keep his voice level while he keeps stroking their cocks, legs shaking under the strain of enduring so much.

He wonders what he looks like, right now. Osamu kisses him, quick and dirty with too much tongue and he pulls away with a loud smack and a line of spit stuck between them.

“Yeah, baby?” Osamu grabs a palmful of Atsumu’s ass in his hands and Atsumu’s head falls forward, resting on Osamu’s strong shoulder. He trails kisses down Osamu’s chest and makes a beeline for his nipple, latching on and swirling his tongue around it like he fantasized about

and he keeps his eyes on Osamu’s face. Osamu's forehead creases, eyelashes fluttering between open and closed for a moment and his exhale is shaky and silent.

He tugs at Osamu’s nipple with his teeth and pulls a deep, guttural moan from between his lips with his hands still on their cocks. Atsumu understands now why he never heard Osamu moan in pleasure before, it’s because he’s quiet and his moans are deeper.

Identical as they are, the twins are different in the most intimate of ways. “‘Samu..” Atsumu calls again, shivering when Osamu cups his balls in his large palm. “Yeah, ‘Tsumu?” Osamu responds barely over a whisper.

“Kiss me,” Atsumu tells him, kissing his way back up Osamu’s chest and over his neck before meeting him face to face. “Make me come, ‘Samu.”

Osamu pulls him close and kisses him.Together, the brothers stroke themselves until they’re both coming and Atsumu gets to watch his brother’s face as he falls apart at the seams and lets go.

He thinks he lost at his own game and for the first time, Atsumu is okay with it. His own face can’t compare to the beauty of Osamu falling apart under his hands.

// END I shit you not, this entire thread came to me in a dream and I woke up at 4am absolutely feral and walked through work in a HORNY DAZE. Then I came home and bugged the shit out of whorm about it 😭😭 I did not re-read, WE DO NOT SEE MISTAKES AHEM HOPE YOU ENJOYED! THNX

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