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cw: dead dove do not eat, obsession, omegaverse, bitching i guess? "oh my," inko eyed the blond alpha from head to toe before her. "you are a lot taller than i thought." she blinked. "i get that a lot," katsuki replied. inko was surprised with his deep rich voice.

"i hope that's not a problem?" the alpha looked met her eyes. inko blinked. she wanted to comment on how intimidating the guy was. she worked in hospital and had dealt with numerous alpha however she never encountered someone like bakugou katsuki.

inwardly, inko shook her head trying to regain herself. she pushed the question of what's making katsuki different out of her mind. "n-no, it's not. if anything i think it will help a lot," inko smiled, stepping to the side to let katsuki in.

the alpha entered the house and inko noticed how he immediately dwarf the whole place. "if i didn't know better," inko chuckled. "i'll think you are an enigma." only enigmas are painfully rare. inko knew there are only 5 enigmas registered in japan currently.

and they never really meddle with others. they stay hidden in their mansions or buildings after all they hold the place at the top of the chain. so, it doesn't really make any sense that an enigma will be in her house. katsuki cackled, "i also get that a lot."

"by the looks of it, i know you do," inko lead them to the living room where he gestured katsuki to sit down. it was almost comical how the guy made her sofa small. inko then took the couch, "i was surprised to see your application." katsuki nodded.

"you're the only alpha that applied, most are either omega or beta," inko gently scratched her cheek. "most alphas don't really go in this kind of field." "i hope that's not going to ruin my chance to get the job," katsuki commented with a small smile. "ah no," inko assured.

"i am not really going to only consider the subgender, plus, izuku is a beta so..." she smiled awkwardly. not really wanting to dive into the whole pros and cons of alpha and omegas together. "i don't think you being an alpha is a problem." "unless i am an enigma?"

katsuki looked at her with amusement. "i heard they have the ability to turn a beta into an omega." "ah," inko laughed softly. "yes, they do. it's a long process and it actually don't even make sense." the alpha nodded with a hum. "i wouldn't worry as well, there are only —

— five enigmas registered in our country and i don't really think they would bother applying for this job." inko added. "besides, my izuku is engaged. his fiance is currently out of the country for a business trip..." a pause. "and then this happened..." katsuki gave a nod.

the alpha watched as the mother gave her best to pull herself together. "anyway, the job that you will be doing in case that you are hired is to take care of my son, izuku." "just like what is said in the job posting," katsuki smirked. "yeah," inko chuckled.

inko offered to quickly filledf katsuki in about izuku. "my son izuku is a beta and just turned 28 last month. he's supposed to get married in 2 months however 2 weeks ago he got into an accident." katsuki watched the woman's face turn gloomy.

she gripped her skirt, taking a deep breath to calm down. "it's actually not an accident..." she never really revealed this to the other applicants and she doesn't know why she was saying this now. "my son was assaulted." katsuki gave a tight nod.

"you don't have to tell me the details if you are not comfortable with it," katsuki assured her. "it's fine," inko forced a smile. clearing her throat she continued. "he was robbed and was beaten by two guys but... what hurts the most is that they made him... blind."

katsuki didn't reply. "you see, my son is an artist. he loves to do all sorts of art. his eyes had been one of his best assets. he used it as much as he uses his hands in doing what he does. and izuku is having a hard time adjusting to... what happened."

there was a silence between them. katsuki kept her eyes on the mother who has her head low, staring at her hands fisting her skirt. holding tight to them. inko took a deep breath and looked at katsuki with a practiced smile. "so if you get hired, you are expected to —

— care for izuku. his daily needs and all. make sure to take him to his checkups and all. izuku needs a lot of adjustments to his current situation. i wish i can be the one to do that but i have to work." "i understand," katsuki replied. "i know it's a lot of work to care —

— for someone and i cannt offer the best pay, are you sure you still want to continue your application?" inko asked. "i'll be honest, your build will be perfect to help izuku move places since his leg is still healing. it was also broken during the whole... thing."

katsuki smiled, "i am good with any pay you offer." a pause. "and if i am being honest, the mere fact that the food and lodging are provided is already a steal for me." "oh, yeah," inko almost forgot. "if you get accepted, you have to stay here." "hopefully, i get the job then"

— — —

inko sighed. she went through the applications and though katsuki was a great candidate who showed her how capable he was in almost anything and how extensive his knowledge in things, inko decided that he's better off with a better and high-paying job.

she was unsure why katsuki even bothered applying. the guy was clearly cut out for something more. so, she started contacting the other qualified people that applied as she pushed katsuki's application to the back burner. however there was a problem.

whenever she contacted them, they would reply with delight and would thank her for the opportunity while promising that they'll do their best yet a day after they would message her that they can't accept the job. she would try to contact them but they always block her.

when inko finally ran out of applicants and her leave was already ending, she had no choice but to pull katsuki's application and called the alpha. inko expected katsuki to do the same and messaged her that she can't take the job only it didn't happen.

by the end of the week, inko opened the door for the alpha who brought a bag and suitcase of clothes. inko felt bad for him because she knew katsuki was meant for so much more than this job but she was also thankful that izuku will be in the hands of a capable man.

she let katsuki rest first and fix the guest room that she gave to him. the room was opposite izuku's. when the alpha was already settled, inko asked him to come with him to the garden. katsuki followed the woman out of the house.

when they reached the garden, katsuki's eyes darted on a figure sitting on a chair by the garden. inko walked towards izuku and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. the alpha watched izuku flinched a bit before reaching for his mother's hand.

"how are you, sweetheart? do you want to get inside already?" inko asked. "no, i am fine, can i stay for a bit more?" there was just this strange feeling that izuku's voice offered to katsuki. "you can," inko smiled. "by the way, i will introduce you to someone."

inko turned to katsuki, gesturing for him to come closer. the alpha followed. inko then asked the alpha for his hand as she gently placed her son's hand over katsuki's. the mother was amused at how small izuku's hand was against katsuki's.

katsuki watched izuku's face, how his brows furrowed, how his skin was splattered with delicate freckles, how izuku's eye lashes are long and how his lips somehow were the perfect shape in a shade of muted pink. "this is bakugou katsuki," inko introduced.

"he will be helping you." clearly, the mother and son already talked about the role of katsuki in their household. izuku nodded, holding katsuki's hand and squeezing it. the alpha kept his eyes on him. "hi, i'm midoriya izuku," he smiled beautifully. "nice to meet you."

"you're beautiful," was the first thing katsuki said. he watched as izuku's pale skin turned red. a single compliment was able to bring the best shade of pink across izuku's cheeks to his ears, down to his nape. inko chuckled at how flustered her son became.

izuku took a deep breath and smiled, "t-thank you." katsuki squeezed izuku's hand back, "bakugou katsuki." he finally introduced himself. "has anyone ever told you that your voice sounds gorgeous?" izuku asked, innocently. "no," katsuki smiled. "according to them it's scary"

"well, it is a little deep." izuku chuckled. inko looked satisfied with how eased izuku was with katsuki. she was about to say something when her phone rang so she excused herself and returned to the house. "you probably look as gorgeous," izuku added.

katsuki crouched down in front of izuku, "it will be a little troublesome if you see my face." that made izuku laugh, "why?" "well, people tend to fall in love with me at first sight," the alpha replied and izuku let out a laugh. katsuki just watched him, mesmerized.

god, he wanted to keep the sound of izuku's melodic laugh in him forever. "you don't have to worry, my heart is already taken," izuku smiled. katsuki's expression changed. somehow his pheromones also turned sour however as izuku was a beta, he never really noticed the change.

"really?" katsuki reigned his pheromones back. izuku nodded, "you'll meet him maybe some time by the end of this month." "i'm looking forward to it then," katsuki smiled. "me too, i missed him a lot," izuku grinned. katsuki's expression turned grim.

— — —

[ note ] sadly that's all the free time i have. i will be back later if twitter is still up and running. i need to do shit for now. also i will have to add more tags for the next one. love, zuki

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