Paleolithic HVAC Technician

Paleolithic HVAC Technician



The process of evolution, while providing the human brain with the ability to plan and reason, has left the initiation of reproduction to the amygdala and the limbic system in a way little different from the rest of the animal kingdom.

While those systems are incredibly powerful and capable of overriding rational thinking to bring men and women together for intercourse, they are not immune to reason.

So long as these systems could rely on human ignorance of biology, which has prevailed for the virtually all of human history for the vast majority of people, intentional restriction of fertility was limited.

What's changed isn't culture or religion (though these are important), but the application of knowledge and reason to sex and reproduction. For most people, this results in a realization that there's little rational justification for having more than two children.

Why? The costs are high, the time investment is enormous, the health risks are substantial, and the children themselves benefit from a concentration of resources. These considerations are universal.

Others apply reason to justify abstaining from reproduction completely, though biology's influence is still strong enough to induce most people to at least make the attempt at some point in their lives. The end result, though, will usually be a total fertility rate under 2.0.

For the last couple decades it was thought that fertility far below 2.0 was an aberration, but the list of countries reaching that level has rapidly increased. For this trend to be reversed, there are I think only two effective options: ...

... the first, and less politically popular in most countries, is to keep women ignorant of biology or powerless to control fertility. The Left considers abortion bans to fall under this category, while the Right disputes this. The other option would be to ...

... significantly lower the costs to raising additional children, which would require a modification or even transformation of the nuclear family model, major social reorganization and /or heavy government intervention.

The current course, which seems very likely to continue for most countries and most populations, will in due time result in a depopulation event mirroring the explosion of the last two centuries.

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