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cw: #miyacest, #OsaAtsu The first time Osamu fucks his twin is when he's angry, in front of the bathroom mirror. He forces Atsumu to see his own fucked-out expression, two fingers shoved in his mouth, the others wrapped around his chin to hold his gaze in place. Making

him realize how much of a whore he really is. Makes Atsumu see him fuck the life out of his tight, little wet hole, Samu's cock filling him nice and deep. Making him see how hard his own cock is, leaking precum all over the sink as he watches another man, let alone his identical

self, fuck him silly. Osamu uses his other hand to lift Atsumu's left leg up, forcing him to watch his heavy cock sway back and forth. Atsumu's eyes begin to water and his face turns bright red, too embarrassed at his own reflection. "What're ya cryin' for? Ya love boasting at

how hot ya are, making everyone else turn yer way 'n admit it. What's the issue? It pisses me off" Osamu does nothing but scoff at him. "Ya love to look at yerself, so I'm forcing ya to look. Don't ya enjoy it?" Osamu laughs, grinning menacingly. "Don't ya enjoy watching yerself

get fucked in the ass by someone with the same face?" Before Atsumu can speak, Osamu stuffs his fingers further down Atsumu's throat. "Ya know what, I don't even wanna hear yer answer. Just stay quiet 'n take it like the man whore ya are." Atsumu whines, moaning at the insult

He wishes he didn't enjoy this as much as he is. The truth, the fact he's being insulted, everything about what's currently happening. But in the end he's nothing but a moaning sobbing mess, a toy to be used from then on whenever Osamu is feeling hungry for his body. And he

can't help but be excited for what's to come if Osamu fucks "that" hard and deep, filling him up with a full load of cum that his balls were storing for who knows how long.

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