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✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



#zhongchi 🔶💧🔞 Masturbation, 🌸 Childe Childe gasps out, “Zhongli.. hah~ oh gods please!” Loud squelching fills the room as he presses his fingers into himself even deeper, his back arching off of the bed. “Ah.. nnngh please! Please Zhongli!”

The cries roll off his tongue so smoothly as he fucks himself on his fingers slow and deep, trying his best to imagine that it was Zhongli’s fingers instead, teasing him, keeping him on the brink of an orgasm.

He feels guilty every time he does it, but he can’t help it. Every dinner they have together, the times they’ve sat right next to each other at the bar, their thighs brushing together, or when Zhongli will feed him with his own chopsticks, watching those soft, plump lips each

time Zhongli speaks, it’s addictive. Even if Zhongli doesn’t feel it, Childe does. It’s a thick tension that claws at him, has him three fingers deep in himself as soon as he returns home, moaning the consultant’s name and begging to cum. “Oh gods, Tsaritsa- hah- Zhongli..”

Childe’s moans are continuous, slowly coaxing him towards the edge. “Ha… ah.. hnnn please… please please please…” he moans out, feeling that heat in his stomach go taught, like a cord finally about to snap. It isn’t until his eyes flutter open, seeing Zhongli in front of him,

mouth agape that he cums. His orgasm crashes over him, guilt thrown out the window as he shakes and moans at the idea of Zhongli having watched him like that. How much had he seen? Childe isn’t sure, but he knows he’s given one hell of a show either way, and he can’t find himself

rationally wondering whether or not he may have just ruined everything when there’s slick leaking from his sloppy cunt. “Childe- you- ah. Hah.. you’d forgotten your..” Zhongli suddenly seems to have forgotten why he was here at all as he stares down at Childe’s tight cunt

wrapped around three of those little dainty fingers. He can’t help but think if Childe cums like that on his own fingers then… “Ah Zhongli…” Childe whines cutely, spreading his legs out further and pumping his fingers slowly again. “Would you like a taste?” He asks, flushed.

Zhongli stares more before nodding almost hesitantly. Though, the moment Childe drags him in and starts begging for him to touch him, that hesitancy leaves. They spend the whole night to the early hours of the morning fucking, Zhongli proving himself to have quite a bit of

stamina, whereas Childe’s already passed out, cum leaking from his little pathetic cunt and stomach rounded out with all the fluids, both their bodies a sticky mess. Even with the other asleep though, Zhongli laps everything up vigorously, like he’s starved. His tongue stays

Buried deep inside Childe’s messy pussy, thumbs holding his sensitive labia apart as he tries his best to clean him up. If Childe passed out just from this, he wonders how he’d react to mating season, or perhaps he’s getting a little too ahead of himself 🤭

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