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Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. D Wade. 3 killers… but 1 man behind the curtain. Performance coach & mindset engineer — Tim Grover. I spent hours studying his stuff… Here are 7 key lessons for developing killer instinct, dominating the competition & coming out on top:

1 / Be Relentless Success isn’t as complicated as most people think. In fact, Tim boils it down to one simple trait: relentlessness. For some…it’s innate. But for the rest of us, it’s a choice. But what exactly does it mean to be relentless?

2/ Lose “Good Enough” Over the years, MJ racked up quite a few championships. But every off season he had one goal: to get better. Why? For winners, “good enough” is not an option. Being relentless means committing to endless improvement —even when you’re winning.

Put it to practice: Every time you achieve a goal, schedule a check in. Ask yourself: - Where did I fall short? - What’s my next advantage? - Where am I phoning it in? Winners don’t get complacent with small victories… Identify the next opportunity & pounce on it.

3/ Cooler, Closer, Cleaner Grover has a simple framework for categorizing competitors: 1. Coolers: Avoid confrontation 2. Closers: Follow you into battle 3. Cleaners: Start the war, then finish it. Metaphors aside, Cleaner’s win. And they win big. Which one are you?

4/ Extreme Ownership When you screw up, you have three options: 1. Explain 2. Blame 3. Own Kobe had many opportunities to blame his team —especially in the dark days of 05 - 07. But he knew that only one of those choices leads to growth.

Every time you take responsibility for a mistake, you put you into a “constant growth cycle”. Screw up > own > learn > improve No matter the outcome… Take responsibility and figure out how to do better next time.

5/ Skip Shortcuts Put simply, Grover is not a fan of shortcuts, and neither are his disciples. His formula is simple. Define: 1. Where you are now 2. Where you want to be instead 3. What you’re willing to do to get there Then make a plan and act on it. Relentlessly.

6 / Welcome Pressure How we view pressure determines how we’re impacted by it: If we fear it, it hurts us. (negative stress, degrades performance) If we embrace it, it builds us. (sharpened focus, creates definition)

Put it to practice: Try intentionally putting yourself into stressful situations. Volunteer to give the presentation or to lead the sales call. Your goal is simple: get in some small “pressure reps” so when the time comes, you’re ready.

7/ Work Harder After every game, Grover used to ask MJ one question: “Five, six, or seven?” What he meant: “What time we hitting the gym in the morning?” Not if… But when. Win, loss, soreness, fatigue — didn’t matter. Back to work.

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