1/ Below is a thread of infographics I've created on the most important lessons to learn about #crypto investing. These are the principles I used to make generational wealth and I hope they will guide you to do the same.👇

2/ This is how successful multi-millionaires were made in the previous 4-Year Cycle. Learn from our experiences. My friends & I accumulated #Altcoins in 2016 (comparable to 2020). By 2018 there were 2 types of altcoiners that came out of that cycle.

3/ When #Altseason? Don't focus on a date but understand money flow. Duration of the phases are parabolic meaning first takes longest & last goes fastest. Phases overlap & can temporarily reverse. Prepare accordingly.

4/ Bitcoin price action can cut this short but in general, this is how I've noticed the progression of altcoin pumps happening during altseasons. Towards the end, garbage coins pump across the board & that's been a fairly reliable top signal that I look for.

5/ Dumb Money vs. Smart Money Comparison Why is it so hard to make the right trades? Because human behavior is driven by emotional impulses. You can't stop yourself from feeling the emotions, but smart money recognizes them and doesn't let them dictate their strategy.

6/ Since #Altseason is a function of new participants flooding into the #crypto market, you have to understand the flow of the crowd. The best way to play the cycle is to be 1 step ahead of the crowd as demonstrated in the graphic below:

7/ When I'm researching a project, these are the questions I'm looking to have answered before I invest. Most of the information can be found on the website, whitepaper, CoinGecko, Medium and social media (Telegram, Twitter, etc.)

8/ Its important to be diversified in the most pumpable narratives in #crypto. Different narratives often pump at different times & gains can be compounded for exponential profits.Multiple narratives increase a projects pumpability.

9/ I get a lot of questions about how to sell $alts & what to do with the profits. The answer depends on where we are in the market cycle as illustrated by the infographic below. Compounding gains turns small initial investments into life changing wealth.

10/ Influencers refer to altcoins in their USD value because it makes them look better while #Bitcoin outperforms. If your altcoin is not outperforming Bitcoin, there's no point in being invested. Look at satoshi value to know whats really going on.

11/ Aim to sell most of your position in the top 3rd of the cycle. Analyzing the previous 2 cycles, you only had ~40 days to sell in this area. Both times it took place around the new year. To maximize gains, you want to be averaging out the heaviest in this 40 day period.

12/ In the below analysis of the 2 main altseasons of 2017/18, the brighter the yellow the more altcoin tops were occurring. Interestingly 2/3 alts had their ATH in sat value in the 1st altseason. In both altseasons, BTC had done a 10x & ETH was making a parabolic move in sats.

13/ There's always someone trying to steal your crypto. There are many layers of protection you can use beyond these but these are the basic security measures you should consider if you're serious about crypto investing.

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