yingles tingles wringles pringles is on vacation

yingles tingles wringles pringles is on vacation



jealousy, at it’s root, is a feeling of insecurity. but kiyoomi’s different. his jealousy stems from feelings of inadequacy. it’s a strange feeling, he marvels at the squeezing in his chest. he’s staring at atsumu from across the court, watching as he laughs his ass off -

at something barnes says, and wonders, “can i ever make him laugh like that?” he can’t remember the last time atsumu laughed like that at something he said. heck, has atsumu laughed at ANYTHING he’s said? bokuto once said that humour is very important in a relationship.

kiyoomi’s not even dating atsumu and he’s still somehow failed in that regard. he spends the next two weeks brooding (sulking), and googling ways to have a better sense of humour. he gives up on that quickly, though.

“i'm afraid for the calendar. its days are numbered." the words blare at him. he has too much pride for that. so he’s resolved to sulking unhappily while atsumu’s tinkling laugh reaches his ears, the sad reality that he’ll never be good enough for atsumu weighing

heavier than ever before. atsumu, however, has other ideas. “miya-senshu, who would you say is the funniest team member?” atsumu swivels on his chair to slap barnes on the shoulder, and kiyoomi has to constrict his facial muscles so hard they actually start to ache.

god fucking damn it. “oriver, obviously. have you SEEN the man?” atsumu laughs with the interviewer, and kiyoomi wonders distantly how long life is going to torture him like this. it feels like being submerged underwater, the way his chest pangs.

it’s one thing to know that atsumu’s always going to prefer other people, but it’s another to hear it from him. it hurts. “so, who are you closest to, miya-senshu?” kiyoomi claws himself out of his jealous pit to hear this response. “it’s probably omi-omi.”

kiyoomi turns on his swivel chair in shock, to see atsumu smiling gently down at him and /wow/. this is equally as good as making him laugh. the ache in his chest lifts. atsumu chuckles good-naturedly, gesturing at kiyoomi vaguely. “i mean, we have friday game nights.”

meian gestures wildly under his chair for kiyoomi to say something, and he stumbles through his words, “yeah, but i bet they’re not as fun as joking during training.” woops. atsumu gives him a look, like a “what the fuck are you talking about.” “well, i like them a lot.”

kiyoomi flushes immediately and hinata visibly turns red from constrained laughter. the interview continues without a hitch after that. on the bus ride back to the dorms, atsumu stares at him weirdly when he boards the bus, then promptly sits beside kiyoomi, plops his head -

on kiyoomi’s shoulder and sleeps the whole way through. halfway through the ride, atsumu even holds his /hand/. kiyoomi flushes like a victorian man seeing an ankle for the first time. well, as long as atsumu prefers him, he’s satisfied. /for now./ he’ll ask barnes for -

advice on a good sense of humour tomorrow.

// end! i dont know what this is and im not really satisfied with it BUT i wont write it otherwise so here it is :D off to bed

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