#sakuatsu Collaboration Kiyoomi knew from the day he walked out of the MSBY locker room in black Crocs that it was going to be an...ordeal. His teammates hovered and made snide or supportive comments depending on whether they approved of his relaxation footwear.

Atsumu made some comments about how Kiyoomi looked like a nerdy virgin going to camp for the first time. Maybe it was true. But it didn't seem to bother Atsumu that much considering he was pretty determined to get Kiyoomi on a date and in his bed. Everyone has their thing.

Atsumu has dozens of hair products. Hinata blabbed about sunscreen. Bokuto was really into supplements. Kiyoomi had Crocs. He just didn't think he'd be asked to collaborate and advertise. His boyfriend had been supportive which wasn't a shock.

So here they were sitting on their couch opening the first official Sakusa Kiyoomi x Crocs Collab. "Okay show me the good stuff. The charms an' stuff!" "It's all good," Kiyoomi challenges and pulls out the bulky black and gold clog.

"MSBY colors!" Atsumu says with a chuckle and pulls his pair out of the box. "Okay," Atsumu begins chuckling. "Do the thing you do in the ad where you demonstrate how to adjust them."

Kiyoomi rolls his eyes before flicking the strap down unceremoniously with one slender finger, "Sport mode." Atsumu roars with laughter before grabbing Kiyoomi's hand to kiss it. "Gods I love that."

"And then the charms are a corgi, because I like dogs. A spray bottle because why not lean into that and jersey numbers," he says and hands Atsumu a fifteen. "Baby I'm number thirteen you mixed them."

"No, I didn't." Kiyoomi smirks, "I'm wearing your number and you're wearing mine." "Dork," Atsumu teases before kissing him. "Congrats."

//END// I unironically like crocs and this was dying in my wips so here's some skts

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