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LEVELS OF VIBRATION (a beginner's guide) David Hawkins says 78% of people are below this key level... are you? = A THREAD =

Everything in the universe vibrates at one level or another. We've all heard the Tesla quote: "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

The beauty of this scale is that it's a FRAMEWORK guiding you to more energy and pleasant emotions. I encourage you not to throw out the baby with the bathwater when seeing words like "vibration" or "consciousness".

So what do these levels of vibration look like? And how do I identify them in myself? Answering those questions is goal of this thread, along with teaching you how to raise yourself up... (homage to Frederick Dawson, David Hawkins, and Owen Cook)

Think of "vibration" as a frequency with different emotions, thoughts, and feelings attached to it. With that vibration comes a completely different perception of life.

Here's what the Hawkins scale looks like. (below is more Frederick Dawson's levels, same concept different details)

LOWER LEVELS: 30 - guilt, shame, hate 50 - apathy, despair, depression 80 - grief, sorrow, self-pity 100 - fear, worry, inferiority, shyness 120 - craving, need, compulsion 160 - anger, domination, aggression 180 - discontent, criticism, complaint 190 - pride & superiority

MID LEVELS: 200 - courage 275 -relaxation, fun 320 - willingness, relaxation, eagerness 400 - acceptance, interest, attention, neutrality 450 - intelligence, knowledge, reason

HIGHER LEVELS: 475 - joy, creativity 505 - beauty 510 - power, initiative 530 - intuition, appreciation 540 - humor, happiness 550 - unconditional love 570 - ecstasy 600 - bliss, peace, lightness

Another way of splitting it is LOVE and FEAR below 200: fear-driven above 200: love-driven Hawkins argues 78% of the population is below that key 200 level. (art from @fellythekid)

So how is this scale helpful? What's the application of this abstract model? In order to "move up" and experience what life has to offer, you can't jump from A to Z (which is what most of us try to do). Instead, focus on going from A to B to C and so on...

If someone were to tell a person in a state of apathy or fear to "hey man, just be grateful" or to "see the good in the world" that person isn't going to care... as they shouldn't. How is someone supposed to see beauty in life if they can't put food on the table? (think Maslow)

Instead, DESIRE or ANGER or CRAVING might motivate them. Utilize different emotions to pull yourself and others out of different states. There's no one size fits all.

And you can "see" these vibrations in everything around us. For example, 100 (fear) - mainstream media, horror movies 275 (relaxation) - hitting the beach, sauna 475 (joy and creativity) - your passion, hobbies

Create some awareness around where different activities resonate for you (and where you're at right now). From there, aim up.

If you take anything from this thread, Let it be that in order to raise your vibration/energy/consciousness (whatever you want to call it) the next step isn't going to be the same for everyone. Embrace your emotions and your current state, let them guide you.

Levels of Energy by Frederick Dodson is the go-to for this stuff for those interested, as well as a lot from David Hawkins. A brief warning: try not to use this scale as a way to judge yourself or others, instead use it as a tool to experience what life has to offer.

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