NSFW Queen 👑

NSFW Queen 👑



#miyacestober2022 - day 31 - dress-up "No." Atsumu stared at the...could you even call something with so little fabric a costume??? Osamu sighed heavily. He looked unfairly delicious in his leather pants and leather vest and that fucking mask obscuring the top of his face.>>

"This was your idea, Tsumu," Osamu reminded him, and offered the costume again. "Yes, but why do YOU get ta--" he choked off the words when Osamu strode forward and hooked his fingers in the collar already clasped around Atsumu's neck.>>

"Yer the one who wanted this. Yer the one who wanted to be my pretty little sub. Yer the one who wanted to go to the costume party at the club so I could parade you around." Atsumu nodded although there wasn't a question and Osamu still held him close with a firm hand.>>

"So be my good boy and get dressed up for me so we can go." Osamu's eyes were fierce, penetraring even behind the black leather mask obscuring most of his features. "Okay, yeah, yes..." Osamu tugged on the collar again. "Yes, sir," Atsumu gasped and tried not to squirm.>>

"Brat," Osamu huffed, sounding more like Atsumu's aggrieved brother than his dom. It was enough to have Atsumu hustling through the bathroom door to change. When he looked down at the scraps of fabric at the very least he knew he would drive Osamu wild in this.>>

He's nearly "dressed" when he noticed something about the fox tail and how it's supposedly meant to...stay in place. He's going to kill Osamu...because this has dirty Osamu fantasy written all over it more than any other part of this. >>

"You know, I don't think I really look like a fox," Atsumu snarks when he finally makes his way out of the bathroom and tries not to let his breath hitch. The plug of the foxtail is nestled nice and snug inside him, the leather shorts that match Osamu's pants>>

Have an ingenious slit for the fluff of the tail to thread through and sway with Atsumu's hips. The mesh "top" fits...but it's fucking mesh so Atsumu barely counts it at all. And the ears...well they're on, bright and orange, and so authentic Atsumu wondered just how>>

Expensive all of this was... The one consolation to all of this is that Osamu looks...awe struck. The smug dom persona he is so good and projecting is just...gone. He's back to Atsumu's twin, jaw open, and filled with adoration for Atsumu and everything he sees.>>

Atsumu can't help but saunter up to him, petting along Osamu's exposed biceps and laughing when Osamu shuddered at his touch. Now he was starting to remember why this was his idea...and that Atsumu of course is a fucking genius. >>

"Come on, Samu," Atsumu whispered and kissed him quick and easy. "Let's go show off." It's Halloween after all and tonight they can ge whoever they want.//

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