Phoebe (B) πŸ’•

Phoebe (B) πŸ’•



#miyacest #atsuosa Atsumu gets overwhelmed the first time he fucks Osamu. It feels /so/ good, too good that he can't help but snap his hips, fucking them both up the bed while Osamu's legs bounce where they're wrapped around his thin waist.+

He’s teary eyed and whimpering into Osamu's neck, can't even focus on the nails digging into his shoulders, barely hears the grunted, hurried 'good boy' that's being chanted into his ear.+

All there is is the tight, wet heat around his dick, his heavy balls bouncing against Osamu, the urge to keep fucking and fucking like nothing else exists. Then Osamu's legs fall to the side and he spreads them as wide as he can so Atsumu can fuck him even deeper, even /better/+

panting broken moans against a sharp collarbone as Osamu urges him on, praises him, tells him how good he's fucking him. and Atsumu keeps going, body trembling with how sensitive he is, how overwhelmingly /good/ he's feeling, how badly he needs to cum.+

Then Osamu drags Atsumus face out of his neck by his hair, rolling his bottom lip between his teeth and then Atsumu is cumming. He cums like he fucks - eager, whining, shaking, hips stuttering hard, uncoordinated and with no rhythm.

Osamu lets him paint his insides, cock twitching deep in him through his aftershocks as Atsumu pants, whines and licks into Osamus mouth. Osamu pets his hair, shushes him and tells him what a good boy he is until he's hard and ready to go again.

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