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Revisiting #MumbaiTerrorAttack Khalil al-Wazir (aka Abu Jihad), a Palestinian leader and aide of Yasser Arafat planned a terror attack on Tel Aviv Opera House, 1975. 8 men were trained for the raid and take hostages to further negotiate the release of 20 Palestinian terrorists.

These 8 terrorist reached the shore of Tel Aviv and were spotted by policemen who engaged with them. In that gunfight the terrorist lost most of their weapons, escaping from there they lost the way to Opera House and barged Savoy Hotel killing 3 people. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

They took 10 hostages, next morning at 4:20, Sayeret Matkal unit of IDF stormed the hotel led by Colonel Uzi Yairi. They managed to rescue 5 while Colonel along with another soldier were killed. 7 terrorist blew themselves up while the 8th was captured alive. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

The attack failed because of 2 reasons: 1. Police engaged with them the moment they reached the shore and they lost most of their weapon stock. 2. All 8 terrorists concentrated themselves to single place rather than hitting multiple locations simultaneously. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

In 1978 Abu Jihad planned another attack led by a woman Dalal Mughrabi. 11 terrorists reached Israel through sea route & arrived at a highway where they began indiscriminate fire at passengers, cars, hijacked bus and moved through the city hurling grenades. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

Bloodbath came to a halt when counter terrorism unit of Israel Police stormed the bus, post a successful roadblock. That moment Dalal Mughrabi raising a Palestinian flag blew herself up, killing 39. Out of 11 terrorist, 2 were caught alive. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

As we can clearly see that modus operandi of #MumbaiTerrorAttack was directly copied from the above mentioned two attacks. However many people do not know is that a similar had already been attempted in Mumbai in 93 but luckily the perpetrators failed.

@SandeepUnnithan in his book 'Black Tornado' mentions it as Phase Two of 93 serial bomb blasts. "Over 400 Chinese Type 56 assault rifles and Arges hand grenades were brought in [Mumbai] with the RDX shipment from Pakistan [in 1993]" #MumbaiTerrorAttack

19 Muslim youths of Dawood Ibrahim gang were trained by ISI. Tiger Memon instructed them to storm Mantralaya, BMC building and Shiv Sena headquarters. They were to inflict maximum casualties using the Type 56 rifles and hand grenades. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

Phase 2 was never implemented. In the melee that followed the blasts, these youth panicked. Their leaders, Bashir Khan and Anwar Theba, fled. They abandoned their cache – assault rifles, pistols, ammunition and hand grenades near Siddhivinayak temple at Worli. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

When 10 terrorists reached #MumbaiTerrorAttack on 26/11, each of them were fully equipped & trained. Apart from that most important part was, each wore a kalava, had local SIM card & fake ID from Arunodaya College, Hyderabad. Kasab was Sameer Choudhary. Ismail was Naraish Verma.

Sandeep Unnithan writes about the tragic state of policemen at CST. They were carrying bolt action rifle which was designed roughly the same time as the station. They haven't fired a shot in years. Kasab and Ismail killed 58 and injured 104 at CST. #MumbaiTerrorAttack

"LeT military chief Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi wanted a big operation to refocus his group’s fight against its prime enemy, India, because his cadres were restless and wanted to fight US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan." - @SandeepUnnithan #MumbaiTerrorAttack

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