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Because I'm having a round of "the world is definitely ending" angst, here's some useful shit one can do *right* now to prepare for any sort of "doomsday" event. (Hint: it's not bunkers and hoarding.)

First: have you trained in first aid and CPR? Consider getting trained or recertified. Restock anything in your first aid kit that's missing or depleted. Consider expanding your supply if all you have are some band aids.

Second: buy a couple of cookbooks, paper ones, based on fundamentals. This is not the time for a fancy tapas book, you want Joy of Cooking, Fannie Farmer, or something like Jacques Pepin's "Essential Techniques." Basically, you need to learn to *cook*.

Third: if you have a little money and you want to buy some useful supplies, consider the natural disasters most common to your region and make sure you're prepared for a week of surviving whatever it is. (Hoarding bad, having appropriate supplies good.)

I think we've seen enough failing water systems at this point that you should consider adding water filters to those supplies. Not "Brita" style filters, the kind they sell for hiking and camping. A small solid-fuel or stick burning stove probably also worth while.

Note: The full "prepper"/Rambo load out is useless here. Don't bother. Look up your local state disaster web page, read the list, buy what's on it.

Fourth: If you don't know how to entertain yourself without electronics this is a great time to pick up a new hobby! Learn an instrument, or how to knit or sew. Something that will occupy time and function as a social outlet with others.

Fifth: human beings are, innately, scared of the dark on some level. Flashlights, lanterns, and a good stock of batteries are, again, healthy supply lines. (Don't hoard, *do* have a light source for every room in your house and a back up or two.)

Sixth: Buy a pack of your favorite underwear and favorite socks. Throw both in your emergency kit, you'll be grateful for them when you need them.

Seventh: Get to know your neighbors. If something bad happens you're all in it together. As my partner likes to say, "we're all just walking each other home."

Eighth: pick up a grounding or mindfulness technique now, and make reaching for it in times of stress a habit. Herbert wasn't kidding when he said, "Fear is the mind killer." If Bad Things (tm) are happening it's not a good time to panic.

Ninth: Make sure you have a pair of good, practical shoes which aren't brand new. Retire a pair of sneakers halfway through their life span, or similar, if you can. You don't want to do A Disaster in heels or new shoes.

Tenth: buy or print paper maps. Your city, local metro, and state are best, but basically you want to be able to navigate the area around you without Google maps for an extended period if necessary. That means you also should learn to read a map.

If it seems like surviving a disaster is mostly doing the stuff on one of those "your grandparents knew how to..." lists, that's because it is. Make friends with your neighbors because it is way too late for you to learn all those skills yourself.

PS to Third (Above):

A follow up thread on getting to know your neighbors:

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