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🔞 #pantaru priest x sinner au where Ajax, after emerging from the Abyss, is sent to a church instead of the Fatui. There, he meets Father Pantalone and finds solace in his care. Eventually, Ajax finds himself wanting 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦. “…Please forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

Since his emergence from the tenebrous cesspools of the Abyss, the boy once known as Ajax had become an abnormality— an unrecognizable monster in the eyes of his family. His father sent him to every doctor in Morepesok in a desperate attempt to fix his son, to no avail.

In the end, they prayed to their Goddess for aid. They quickly took Ajax to Zapolyarny Cathedral and left him in their care. It was the pair’s hope that, by offering worship in the hallowed halls of the church, his sins would be cleansed and their darling Ajax would return.

Mere days later, they had dropped Ajax at the marble steps of Zapolyarny Cathedral with little more than a curt farewell. As Ajax stood there, a spot of blooming red against gray iron spires and pure white snow, he felt more alone than he ever had in the Abyss.

The boy stepped through the large doors, breathing in the scent of rosemary incense and antique books. The sisters hastily get him settled, wary glances indiscreet and fear even less so. It makes Ajax wonder what his parents told them to make them so afraid. The truth, perhaps.

He spent the next few days exploring the cathedral. As Snezhnaya’s largest and most revered church, Zapolyarny was nothing like the shabby one back in Morepesok. Marble walls and stained glass windows encompassed his vision— a true sanctuary separate from the rest of the world.

A week after he joined the church, Ajax entered the confession booth for the first time. Through the latticed woodwork, blue eyes met violet. “Good evening, Father Pantalone.” Ajax spoke quietly. This was the man his parents placed their faith in. The one who would cure him.

“A fine night indeed,” Pantalone answered pleasantly. “How have you been settling in?” His voice was smooth and kind, nothing like the stern condescension Ajax expected. The redhead blinked, taken aback. “…Um, fine, I think.” He paused for a moment. “The windows are pretty.”

Something about his answer made Pantalone chuckle. Ajax frowned, both confused and annoyed. “Why are you laughing?” He snarled. “You’re quite innocent for a boy who’s been to the depths of hell.” Pantalone smiled, watching at him with an appraising look that made Ajax flush.

“You know why I was sent here.” Ajax retorted, glaring through the lattice. Pantalone hummed, contemplative. “Yes, I do.” Blue eyes swept down to stare at the floor. A tendril of loathing clawed at his throat, thick and suffocating. “Then you should watch your words, Father.”

He didn’t speak again after that, nor did Pantalone make him. Instead, he seemed content to sit there, telling tales of Her Holiness the Tsaritsa and how she became the deity of Snezhnaya. Before Ajax knew it, the everpresent hum of the Abyss had faded to the back of his mind.

He listened, quiet yet rapt with attention, as Pantalone described the Archon War and Celestial crusades. It reminded him of those endless nights of fighting wave after wave of monsters. When time came for Pantalone to leave, Ajax couldn’t help the crestfallen look on his face.

He hadn’t spent this long in another’s company since he bid farewell to Skirk. Ajax hadn’t realized how much he missed it until now. “W-Wait!” Violet eyes curved, amused yet indulging. “Yes, Ajax?” “I have a confession to make.” He said quickly, panic lining his voice.

“I see…” To Ajax’s relief, the priest sat back down. “Would you like to tell me? Pantalone smiled gently, voice velvet smooth. A shudder ran through Ajax’s spine, and he felt hypnotized by that amaranthine gaze. “Y-Yes,” He stuttered. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

Ajax went on to confess what had been on his mind since he arrived. How he cursed his parents for bringing him here. How he hated Sister Aryah’s cooking because it reminded him of his mother’s. How he avoided Pantalone so he could forget that he was here to be “fixed”.

Once he started speaking, Ajax found it hard to stop. Anger, frustration, and hopelessness overflowed from his chest like a raging tide. Ajax even found himself wanting to talk about the Abyss— And that was when he caught himself. Ocean eyes snapped up, widening in shock.

In the warm darkness of the booth, it was hard to tell the time, but even Ajax could tell that he kept the Father for far longer than he should have. All because he kept complaining about his own issues. “Oh Tsaritsa…” Ajax whispered, flushing red with embarrassment and guilt.

The sudden touch made Ajax shiver, despite the barrier obscuring them. He jerked back, red staining his ears and neck. Subconsciously, Ajax licked his lips, wanting to taste the lingering feeling of Pantalone’s fingers on his tongue. Darkness bled into violet at the sight.

Smiling tightly, Pantalone cleared his throat. “I have duties to attend to, but I greatly enjoyed our conversation, Ajax.” The redhead bit his lip, nodding slowly. “Me too! Will you tell me stories again next week, Father?” “If you wish it, Ajax,” The priest smiled. “Anything.”

Thus began Ajax’s life at the cathedral proper. Each week, the redhead would follow the same routine— offering prayers, helping with chores, teaching the local children. And without fail, every Sunday after everyone had left the chapel, Ajax would step into the confessional.

Pantalone listened to him, cared for him in a way no one did, now. Even the Abyssal tendrils clinging to him didn't seem to bother the priest in the slightest. Such tenderness made Ajax euphoric. He found solace in Pantalone's honeyed words and a kinetic comfort in his company.

For the first time since he fell into the Abyss, Ajax felt… safe. He even considered telling the other about what he had experienced, what he’d done. But even after a year of living in the church, he never found the courage to tell Pantalone about those wretched three months.

The Abyss wasn’t the only thing Ajax kept secret from the priest. He didn’t know when it began. Perhaps when Pantalone first patted his head after mass. Perhaps when he smiled indulgently as Ajax gushed about ice fishing. Perhaps, the very moment cerulean eyes met amaranthine.

Since that first confession, Ajax would fall asleep to the thought of those gloved hands on him. Stroking his hair, caressing his cheek. He dreamt of being pinned under a tender violet gaze. Of seeing open affection reflected back at him. Eventually, the dreams… changed.

The gentle touches lingered, dancing across freckled skin like a comet trailing through stars. Violet eyes would watch him hungrily, glinting in the darkness. Ajax would imagine that same gaze on him as he touched himself at night, Pantalone’s name spilling from his lips.

Such thoughts were blasphemous, even he was aware of that. It was yet another testament to the monster lying beneath his skin. So, as always he always does, Ajax steps into the confessional with words of guilt on his tongue and whispers of sin in his heart.

“Please forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” As he spoke those familiar words, Ajax shuddered involuntarily as Pantalone hummed lowly in response. The dreams have only become more explicit lately. He could barely meet the priest’s gaze without his stomach sinking in guilt.

“Father Pantalone, something’s wrong with me.” Face flushing, blurted the confession in his chest. “I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me.” There was a sharp intake of breath, followed by silence. Through his thundering heartbeat, Ajax barely heard it— A pleased purr.

When he looked up, seeing the same dark gaze he’d dreamt about for so many nights, Ajax felt the last thread of his piety snap. He rushed forward, pressing his hands against the lattice with beseeching eyes. Slowly, Pantalone’s palms mirrored his own through the divide.

“Please—” Ajax gasped, breaths shallow. “Please what, Ajax?” Pantalone murmured, drinking in the sight of pale skin flushing a pretty pink. The redhead bit his lip, lifting his robe in shame to reveal the wetness between his legs. “Please help me, Father…”

The priest’s side of confession booth, as Ajax found out, was not meant to fit two people. Luckily, Father Pantalone resolved this matter swiftly by having Ajax sit on his lap and clinging tightly to him. The position also allowed gloved fingers to stretch Ajax open with ease.

Skilled, slender digits teased his entrance until the redhead can do little more than whimper wetly into the priest’s collar. “M-More…” Were anyone else in the chapel then, they would have heard the sound of wet slapping and lewd moans all throughout the night.

Their routine changed, after that. Every week, Ajax would continue his duties at the church and write a letter home on his progress. Now, when he crossed paths with Father Pantalone, watching desire ripple across calm violet, Ajax couldn’t help but shudder in excitement.

Sometimes, Pantalone called him up to the podium, asking him to read a passage of scripture to everyone. Eyes curved, the priest stood behind Ajax and grinded his cock against the younger’s entrance. By the time he stuttered past the reading, Ajax’s thighs would be soaked.

Sundays were his favorite. Each evening, Ajax would practically bounce with excitement as everyone trickled out of the chapel. He’d tap his foot impatiently, waiting for the stragglers to finish confessing their sins to Pantalone before shutting the doors with the thud.

Pantalone chuckled at his eagerness, fond and teasing as he guided Ajax to his room. There, he loved fucking into that tight heat, watching Ajax mewl wantonly under his touch. “We have had so many lessons, and yet your body is still that of a common whore’s.” Pantalone sighed.

“I-I’m sorry, Father…!” Ajax moan wretchedly, though his hole tightened from the words. “Please continue to teach me, 𝘩𝘯𝘨𝘩-” Gloved hands thumbed his nipples, making the redhead cry out as he came with a shudder. “If you wish it,” Pantalone smiled, eyes dark. “Anything.”

—— When Ajax’s parents finally visited the cathedral, five years after they left him at the marble steps, they were elated. Their boy had grown into a devout worshipper of Her Holiness. Ajax even greeted them like he used to as a child— waving excitedly with a beaming smile.

“Thank you for everything, Father Pantalone.” Ajax’s mother wept, clutching her rosary tightly. “We thought we had lost our son for good. He wouldn’t stop talking about that strange place-” “The Abyss or whatever.” His father scoffed, still in disbelief. “Kept making things up.”

Beside him, Pantalone could feel Ajax stiffen from the words. The cheerful smile the redhead plastered on cracked as he averted his gaze to the floor. Quietly, Pantalone wondered if Her Holiness would hold it against him if he killed two of her worshippers right here.

“Ajax has told me about his time im the Abyss.” Pantalone answered with a thin smile. Secretly, his hand rested against Ajax’s waist, rubbing soothing circles into his hip. “A truly terrifying experience for a boy so young, wouldn’t you say?”

The couple remained silent. Pantalone merely smiled, motioning for the guards to escort them out. “W-Wait! Since you fixed him, when will my boy come home?” Ajax’s mother asked, blue eyes blown wide with fear. As if she anticipated his answer.

“It’s not safe for Ajax to return. What if another rift to the Abyss opened there?” Pantalone spoke simply. Ignoring them, he held his hand out towards Ajax, gaze warm. The redhead took it without hesitation, eyes glassy with emotion. “I want to stay here.” 𝘞𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶.

“Ajax!” His father growled angrily. “How dare you abandon your family—” “Quite a statement, coming from you.” Pantalone chuckled darkly, signaling the guards to kick them out. “Do not fret,” He murmured, hand splayed possessively on Ajax’s waist. “Your son is in good hands.”

——— childe in his fleabag era,,, also I had an alternate ending where it’s revealed that pantalone was actually a demon who killed the previous priest and took his place years ago The Tsaritsa’s chill with it (and the sex in her church) bc he brings in money 😭😭😭😭

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