Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



cw / fem Atsumu / period sex I know most men wouldn’t enjoy period sex but I truly believe osamu wouldn’t give a fuck. He’d slowly tease Atsumu’s pussy with the head of his cock, running it between her folds until he feels her flutter around him and then he’d push in.

He’d have to go slowly because he knows Atsumu is more sensitive than usual but it’s okay. It’s worth it just for how warm and wet Tsumu is. About how she loves to cockwarm him whenever she’s like this because she says it help with her cramps.

It’s also a bonus that whenever Atsumu’s on her period her small tits are a bit bigger, perfect for Osamu to knead and play with it to get her to relax around him.

Anyways, osamu is a man that’s not afraid of some blood. Good for him. And for Atsumu.

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