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In the early 1900s, French Sufi philosopher René Guénon believed that he discovered a metaphysical secret that governed the entire planet and everyone on it, known as the 7 towers of Satan. A concept that mixes elements of Abrahamic and pre-Abrahamic beliefs and folklore.

These towers are believed to be so powerful that in 1939, the Germans were actively trying to find them. Many historians believe that the search for its secrets is ongoing in the 21st century, carried out by powerful organizations.

The first location pinpointed by Yahya is the Afro-Arabian country of Sudan, home to one of the oldest civilizations known and a direct cousin of the Ancient Egyptians. Meanwhile, Niger is believed to be the second.

The third location highlighted is Syria, where the ancient Phoenicians lived and Giants are said to have inhabited.

The fourth is the Eastern European country of Turkestan, existing just beyond the outer fringes of the Middle East. The fifth and sixth are further north in Russia’s mountain range and in the Western part of Siberia.

The seventh are the lands that make up Ancient Mesopotamia, that being , Iran, and by extension Afghanistan. This area, in particular, has been described by fringe research organizations as a lightning rod for negative anomalous activity in the 21st century.

A series of anomalies were reported in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2005 which resulted in the loss of several lives when a US Army Criminal Investigations Department official was embedded within an infantry unit in the Sulaymaniyah governorate.

The official was briefed about a creature that was attacking locals that no one could identify. According to villagers, people were being hunted by a ghoul, a class of Jinn. It was described as being a very tall humanoid entity with disproportionately long limbs.

What made this case significantly disturbing was that Jinn and ghouls tend to generally steer clear of humans, but this one had a taste for human blood.

Initially, the CID assumed that it was merely a crazed soldier that went AWOL, fatally attacking civilians due to the stresses of conflict, however after several days of surveillance and searches, no evidence was found to support this.

According to author Lon Stickler in his book “Phantoms and Monsters”, the case took a bizarre turn when one evening, the squad leader reported hearing a shrill, an unearthly scream echo through the air outside, which seemed to come from the direction of a nearby mountain pass.

They went to investigate. Some villagers explained the noise was the scream of the creature that had been hunting them. Within feet of the source, upon entering the pass using night vision, they found nothing. No footprints or any evidence that any man or creature was there.

A similar instance was reported at when soldiers watching the perimeter spotted a humanoid figure about 100 yards away from camp. It had appeared out of nowhere, just standing there. They could see something vaguely human that was fully clothed but bizarrely out of proportion.

Of most concern, this being wasn’t giving off a heat signature and was the exact temperature of the air around it. As expected, this caused a commotion amongst them and they sent a team to investigate.

When they got 50 yards away, the being started walking, but not in any specific direction. It was walking in its own place. Instead of moving like a normal person, the entity's bones splintered backwards and forwards at the joints as it walked. Its head wobbled like a puppet

By the time the convoy got a few yards closer, it vanished. When the team headed back to camp. The anomaly reappeared in the same place. Instead of approaching it a second time, they studied it from a distance until it disappeared after several hours.

In the summer of 2006 in an area called Sinjar, home to the Yazidis, one soldier reported that around 3 AM, his equipment was registering a person approaching them from the base of a nearby mountain, however, this individual could not be seen with the naked eye.

According to the lore and religion of Iraq, these three instances of humanoid beings appearing, disappearing, and even attacking people, would be classed under the category of the aforementioned jinn or ghouls.

Other sources such as exopolitics state that Iraq and its neighbor Iran are situated on top of vast energy portals that connect to a reality with other dimensions, attracting otherworldly entities to the area. While it sounds far-fetched, it’s not a new concept.

René Guénon states there are 7 locations across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe that have a geographic topography that has been anonymously altered to accommodate negative energy, allowing supernatural instances to easily occur.

These locations are meant to be where the seven angels fell from heaven in Christian theology, turning their landing point evil. Within Islam, the idea of angels becoming demonic is rejected in or tradition because angels are the definition of purity and thus cannot be corrupted.

However, using this energy that is generated here, Guénon states that some believe that with it they can take possession of a singular dark force that exists in a parallel dimension, giving them power over Earth.

It’s been noted that in their research into occult technology, the Germans under the direction of Heinrich Himmler believed this and were actively searching for these locations in the 1940s.

In March of 2016, a collection of 13000 occult and witchcraft books were found in the National Library of the Czech Republic of Prague, belonging to Himmler, strengthening the interest he had in acquiring this power.

Within Iraqi Kurdistan, the Yazidis have recently been directly connected to these towers by prominent occultists, while for centuries before, they’re been long accused of being Satanists by others due to their take on the creation story of man and their worship of a fallen angel

Yazidis have traditionally been viewed with suspicion and labeled as heretical because of their association with the worship of the peacock angel known as Melek Tawûs. In recent times, this suspicion turned extremely deadly for them as they became the target of ISIS.

In the West, the association between Yazidis and the occult can be traced back to H.P Lovecraft and his contemporaries from the early 1900s, even though the accusations in the Middle East predate their writings.

Arguably one of the most influential orientalists from the 20th century and known for subverting various Middle Eastern beliefs into far darker versions of themselves, some of Lovecraft's writing played a role in maintaining this narrative concerning them.

In "The Horror at Red Hook," Lovecraft speaks specifically of the Kurdish Yazidis as the last survivors of the Persian devil worshippers. The story was first published in January 1927, nine months before the publication of William Seabrook's Travelogue, "Adventures in Arabia."

This work became an important source for many occultists in understanding the Yazidi tradition. In his travelogue, Seabrook makes the claim that the Yazidis are not only devil worshippers, but they control an extensive network of seven towers to broadcast their energy.

According to him, in a theory that significantly differs from Guénon's research, these towers do not stretch from Niger to Russia, but instead from Japan to Iraq, located on a chain of seven isolated mountain tops across Asia.

Seabrook claims that from each one of these towers a priest would maintain the broadcasts of dark energy to the rest of the world. It should be noted that unlike Lovecraft who states that his work is pure science fiction, Seabrook states that his version is true.

Consequently, critics have trashed his assertions as nonsense as the Yazidi culture has zero historical and cultural connection with Japanese and Chinese heritage in the way he describes.

According to Birgul Sinegul, a lecturer of art history at the Mardin Artuklu University in Turkey, and an expert on Yazidi culture, the accusations of Satanism are merely the result of the significantly different take on the Abrahamic creation story.

According to Yazidis, lucifer did not betray God and create evil, but manifested himself to the world, becoming the bridge between humans and Creator.

Regardless, the outstanding issue that remains concerns the existence of the seven towers, or more specifically, the paranormal energy that is said to have been present in these locations.

While there is a lot of myth regarding the supernatural legacy of Iraq and its people, there is still kernels of truth concerning ancient Mesopotamia and the unspeakable horrors hidden in its history.

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