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Give me 3 minutes and I'll show you how to live a life that 99% can only dream of...

There are 3 components which will help you obtain the life beyond your wildest dreams and they are : • Courage • Wisdom • Faith It is important to understand each of them in order to truly excel.

1. Courage What comes to your mind when you think of courage? Someone or something heroic usually. Like a knight in shining armour off to battle or a similar image. But what is courage really and why are successful people courageous?

Courage is embracing your fears, full acceptance of them and doing what you set out to anyway. I would be willing to bet that you have an idea which you would love to come to light. An idea that would probably make you a success; but you're scared of it.

Possibly, you're even fearful of success itself. • Fear of losing yourself • Fear of criticism • Fear of the spotlight • Fear of losing friends • Fear of becoming the best you can be All valid fears by the way.

To have these fears, grasp life with both hands and still move forward is what is truly courageous. "A man really becomes a man when he accepts total responsibility, he is responsible for whatsoever he is. This is the first courage, the greatest courage. "

2. Wisdom Successful people have a level of wisdom which allows them to be where they are. The wisdom : • To know the path least travelled can bring success • To avoid/cut off negativity from others • To know learning is a lifelong pursuit

The full benefits to having wisdom could be a thread of it's own, but how is it obtained? • Books • Courses • Attending seminars • Through others and their mistakes • Experiencing as much as possible You can be at square one, but if you learn enough you can be successful.

Successful people know that learning new skills is essential. This is why living a life of continuous learning is needed to take you to the next level. Depending on the field you're in, skills become irrelevant and you need to stay on top of learning (Hint, technology).

3. Faith Now you may not be religious, you don't need to be to understand that you're doomed without faith. The self-belief that achieving the life you dream of is even possible.

Faith encompasses a wide range of success traits: • Persistence • Confidence • Mental fortitude • Hope • Courage ''Optimism, positivity and faith create the foundation from which success can be built.''

Belief and faith increase the drive to act and do the things required for success. Your path will be different from everyone else's but as an example, faith will keep you up at 12am working on that manuscript, coding the next big app.

So put yourself in the best position to build upon all 3 components : • Build self-confidence by eating right and training hard • Seek mentors who have walked the path before you • Read everyday • Work on your goals daily • Believe in your journey

It takes wisdom to understand how important faith is to success. It takes faith to build the courage to strive towards your goals. (See how all 3 components intertwine!)

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