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winnie 💗 closed



cw // cnc, pussy sxn, predator/prey roleplay, choking, knifeplay, degradation, breeding kink, overstimulation, use of 'alpha' as a dom title (NOT a/b/o)

loosely inspired by this video from the tour :)

yvnhx is undoubtedly sexy when he gets angry, and sxn is constantly aware of this. he's always trying not to get hard and needy watching him argue with the other members or get frustrated with choreography.

so when he sees how yvnhx is willing to chase after him, he formulates the perfect scene to satisfy all of their desires. a/n: this is a consensual non-consent scene! both are aware of what is happening and have a safe word in place to use if necessary. be safe and enjoy! ~~~~~

sxn leans in to press a sly kiss against yvnhx’s lips, running his hand down yvnhx’s back and groping his ass before giving it a hard smack. yvnhx stiffens and grips his waist reflexively, but sxn pulls away with a beaming smile and cocks his head.

“catch me if you can,” he giggles, and breaks out into a run, heading deeper into the house. yvnhx can hear his cute tinkling laughter traveling up the stairs and follows slowly, allowing sxn time to duck into their shared bedroom.

“kitty..” he calls menacingly as he steps through the threshold, smirking as a small whimper is heard from the closet. yvnhx stifles a chuckle and heads to the dresser instead, pulling out the dulled knife they use for scenes like this.

he cracks his knuckles and approaches the closet door, scraping the blade lightly over the wooden finish. “come out, come out, wherever you are,” yvnhx says in a singsong voice. he can hear sxn’s heavy breathing slow considerably,

like he’s trying to pretend he’s not really in there. adorable. yvnhx whips open the closet door to find sxn huddled among the folded shirts, covering his mouth with both hands. sxn squeals and jumps up, trying to dart up and around yvnhx to escape,

but yvnhx easily grabs him by the shirt collar and pushes him to the ground on his stomach, placing a socked foot between his shoulder blades to stop him from getting up. he kneels down next to sxn, turning the younger’s head to face him as he leans over condescendingly.

“look what i got,” he muses, “a cute little kitty cat caught in the wolf’s den. how pathetic.” sxn squirms fruitlessly under yvnhx’s hold, yelping when yvnhx straddles his legs and holds his arms behind his back with one hand.

with the other hand, he holds up the knife and sxn instantly stills. “please, please let me go, i-,” his begging is cut off with a moan as yvnhx cuts through his shirt, stopping after a few inches to tear the rest off with his hands.

“if i didn't know any better, i’d think this little kitty wanted to get caught and fucked by me,” yvnhx says. sxn starts to protest but is shushed by yvnhx, who strokes the dull tip of the knife down the crease of his back.

“if i didn’t know any better,” he pauses to yank sxn up by the hair, pressing the blade against his throat, “i’d think you’re a little slut who only cares about getting his pussy stuffed full. would i be right, babydoll?” sxn sobs as he tries to catch his breath,

a few tears already streaking down his face. “yes,” he says softly, “w-want /alpha/ to pump me full of cum, breed my little pussy until i can't take it anymore.” yvnhx practically growls, sliding off sxn and lifting him right off the floor, carrying him swiftly over to the bed.

he places sxn on his back and immediately moves to straddle him again, attacking his neck with love bites and reaching behind himself to rub two fingers over the soft outline of his pussy in his shorts. sxn whimpers as yvnhx’s large hand passes between his folds repeatedly,

grazing his sensitive clit and hole. “mm-alpha please..” sxn whines. he tries to grind down onto yvnhx’s hand but can’t move at all underneath his weight. “you’re so desperate, and i’ve barely even touched you. you really did come just for cock, didn’t you kitty?”

yvnhx chuckles. he pulls away from sxn’s neck, suppressing a moan at the bright red and purple marks he left behind there and shuffles down the bed to pull sxn’s shorts off. /holy fuck/. he nearly chokes on his own saliva seeing the cute white panties covering sxn’s cunt,

already transparent with his wetness, and barely hesitates before grabbing the top with both hands and ripping them in half. sxn shrieks and threads his fingers through yvnhx’s hair as yvnhx leans down and begins lapping at his hole, using his thumb to rub sxn’s clit harshly.

his tiny whines and yelps continue to grow as yvnhx slides his thumb down to plug up his pussy. “look at your pretty hole baby, just sucking me in. you’re made for this, aren’t you?” yvnhx says, and sxn nods frantically and pushes his hips up,

further presenting himself for yvnhx’s taking. yvnhx grips sxn’s thighs and pushes them up and towards his torso, testing his flexibility. when he’s met with no resistance, he grabs sxn’s hands and pulls them roughly, placing them underneath his thighs.

“stay,” he warns, and laughs cruelly when he feels sxn shiver underneath him. “you like that, kitty? being my pliant little prey to do what i please with?” yvnhx shoves two, three, up to four fingers into his pussy, stretching him forcefully and thoroughly,

all while teasing his clit and slipping his long arms up to twist and swat at sxn’s little nipples. this continues for a while until tears start streaming down sxn’s face. his arms falter slightly and he drops his legs down to rest on yvnhx’s back.

yvnhx pulls his wet fingers out of sxn, his hand traveling up to rest lightly on his neck. sxn looks dazed, eyes shiny with tears and mouth hung open, and yvnhx takes pleasure in how sxn lets out a tiny whine when yvnhx lets a line of his spit drop into the other’s mouth.

“what do you want, my pretty doll?” yvnhx asks sweetly. “you’ve been so good for me.” sxn squirms a bit and pouts. “you’re not supposed to be nice,” he whispers. yvnhx scoffs and squeezes sxn’s throat tightly, leering down at his shocked expression. “you little fucking whore,”

he spits, “i should have known you’d beg me to bitch you until you sob.” he releases sxn’s neck, barely offering him time to wheeze out breaths before flipping him into his stomach and pulling his hips up off the bed.

yvnhx unbuckles his pants and pulls out his half-hard cock before grabbing the previously forgotten knife and pressing the cold blade against sxn’s plump pussy lips. sxn shivers a bit but stills as yvnhx’s nails dig into his waist.

“don’t move, pretty, or you won’t like what happens to you. or maybe you will, seeing how much of a pain slut you are.” he removes his hand from sxn’s waist and grips his own cock, using the remaining wetness from sxn’s pussy to jack himself off noisily.

he can see sxn’s legs quivering slightly, can practically taste his desperation, but continues to focus only on his own cock until sxn is sobbing into the pillow and nearly collapses.

“a-alpha, please, please. m sorry for being a slut, please, i need your cock inside of me. i want you to breed my pussy fu-AH!” he’s cut off by a moan as yvnhx slams inside of his waiting hole,

hands scrabbling at the sheets for some kind of purchase against the older’s rough thrusts. “all you had to do was ask, my pretty prey,” yvnhx huffs out. sxn’s pussy looks and feels beautiful around him, all glossy and pink and tighter than his own hand.

sxn is practically shrieking into the sheets as yvnhx fucks him, taking him apart methodically with his cock until he’s no more than a hole to be used. just the thought alone has sxn’s eyes rolling back in his head as he cums, clenching hard on yvnhx’s cock.

yvnhx chuckles and reaches around to massage sxn’s clit, tracing patterns on his back with the knife. “cute kitty, are you gonna beg alpha to cum inside you?” sxn clenches harder around yvnhx as he’s overstimulated, his body twitching and shaking repeatedly.

“please breed me alpha, please make me your kitty forever,” sxn sobs until yvnhx can no longer deny either of them the pleasure. his hips stutter as he cums inside sxn, and he collapses on top of him,

reaching over to place the knife on the bedside table before pressing soft kisses on sxn’s back and shoulders. “hnngg..” sxn groans from underneath him. his face is still smushed into the pillow, and he’s breathing just as heavily as yvnhx. “i think you broke me,” he whines.

yvnhx rolls them onto their sides, his cock still firmly planted inside sxn’s dripping pussy. “anytime, kitty cat. i know how much you like the chase.”

tysm for reading and supporting me!! love u all ♡ here's my k0-fi if u are interested in supporting me financially!

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