I doubled my testosterone levels naturally (in less than 60 days). Thread🧵👇

My results: June 2nd (2020) = 14.27 nmol/L July 22nd (2020) = 30.22 nmol/L How?

I prioritised these 7 things: • Diet • Sleep • Carbs • Sunlight • Weight training • Zero alcohol • Wim Hof breathing

1. Diet The main bulk of my nutrition included: • Oysters • Red meat • Egg yolks • Raw dairy • Raw liver (yes, it's as rank as it sounds). Next I prioritised..

2. Sleep I wore blue-light blocking glasses after sunset. I did 5-10 mins of calming breathing techniques. I also supplemented with: • Glycine • Inositol • Thiamine/B1 • Magnesium Chloride But the thing that shocks most people is..

3. Carbs I ate LOADS of them. Previously I was zero carb. NOT GOOD. Caused thyroid issues. So, I decided to introduce: - raw honey - fruits - white rice But diet does nothing without..

4. Sunlight I did morning + evening sungazing. I stared to the side of the sun for at least 10-15 minutes. + at least 3-4 hours naked skin exposure during the day. This also massively boosted my mood! But not as much as..

5. Lifting Weights I hit the gym 5x p/w. The main focus was leg workouts. Anterior chain focused (calves, hamstrings + glutes). There's good science supporting leg muscle stimulation & hormone release. But the thing I found hardest to stop was...

6. Alcohol I completely removed all booz. Yup, not a single drop! The mental clarity this gave me was INSANE. It was so good I still rarely ever drink! But the cherry on top?

7. The "Wim Hof Method" I did 10-15 minutes daily (in the morning). Any anxiety or stress I had would immediately melted away. It gave me such an intense natural "high". Lastly..

TL;DR: The 7-Step Framework to boosting testosterone & overall mood. • Eat mainly meat • Prioritise sleep • Don't be afraid of carbs • Get AM & PM sunlight • Lift heavy weights • Remove alcohol completely • Breathe like a "mother-f-cker!"

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