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Word inside Twitter is that A LOT of employees are not saying “yes” to staying at Musk’s “extremely hardcore Twitter 2.0.” He has been meeting today with engineers to convince them to stay. His deadline to decide to stay or leave expired 6 min ago.

Twitter’s Slack currently has hundreds of employees giving the 🫡 emoji, meaning they decided to not stay for Musk’s “Twitter 2.0” cultural reset. The company had just under 3,000 employees remaining before the deadline to say “yes” or not hit 20 min ago.

Hearing from multiple employees that the odds of Twitter breaking in the near future are very high.

We are collecting departing Twitter employee messages from the company’s Slack and public tweets here

Story to be updated soon with more: Am hearing that several “critical” infra engineering teams at Twitter have completely resigned. “You cannot run Twitter without this team,” one current engineer tells me of one such group. Also, Twitter has shut off badge access to its offices.

Am hearing the number of Twitter resignations today is likely over 1,000, though unclear as not all are posting their decision. Some teams, such as the engineering team that manages Twitter’s core system libraries, are completely gone now.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Twitter employees have technically resigned but still have access to Twitter’s internal systems, with some speculating it is because the employees tasked with managing that access also resigned.

Thread here is collecting resignation tweets from Twitter engineers, many of whom are senior / have been at the company for a long time

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