lynn || midnight rain 🌟

lynn || midnight rain 🌟



Kiyoomi being confused and clueless why his 5 year old son wants him to go to school today because he didn't receive any prior notification from the school, only to find out their school is having a "bring your favourite thing to school" day and Kiyoomi is holding back TEARS.

Atsumu definitely knows about the plan and he really wasn't sad about it. He was the one who told their son to not tell daddy why they're going to school together, and he's the one who took pictures of a red-faced Kiyoomi holding their son's hand in class from multiple angles.

Atsumu is so happy and so proud of his son 🥺

To clarify, their son wanted to bring both of them but since it's only "favorite THING", singular, he promises to bring Atsumu next year. When it was his turn to talk about the thing he brought, aka his whole ass dad, he says "this is my daddy and he's my favourite in the world!"

And Kiyoomi just bursts into tears. Atsumu recorded everything with his phone.

Kiyoomi is probably so much more emotional than Atsumu about this because he never thought he'd be a good father and he was scared and reluctant about having kids but now he knows his hard work is slowly being paid off 🥺❤️

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