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10 concepts for PMs & Business Leaders: 🧵 1/ Kano Model (Prioritisation) 2/ 7 Powers (Strategy) 3/ CIRCLES (Interviews) Strategy essays from: 4/ Gibson Biddle 5/ Melissa Perri 6/ Roman Pichler 7/ Consulting Models 8/ Porter's 5 Forces 9/ Elena's PLG 10/ Differentiation Models

Kano's Model for Prioritisation

7 Powers (Foundations of Business Strategy)

CIRCLES method to solve any design questions, also helpful for interviews

Gibson Biddle's Product Strategy Essays (with examples of how he did it at Netflix)

Melissa Perri (Author of Escaping the Build Trap, Teaches Product Management at Harvard Business School) , approach to Product Strategy:

Roman Pichler's approach is unique .. learn about 'Product Strategy Cycle'

5 frameworks from consulting companies that help product managers:

Porter's 5 Forces Framework that determine profitability of industry

Elena Verna is an expert on Product Led Growth, and I loved her podcast with Lenny:

For ways to differentiate with your products:

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